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Luis Perez's Rec Department Art Classes Roar

May 31, 2013
Luis Perez could be considered an art extraordinaire in the hamlet of Armonk. He teaches classes at the North Castle Parks and Recreation Department that challenge his students, both children and adults, to “think outside the box” and learn to create. With the help of his students, he also learns the art of teaching. Perez believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a student improve over the course of his class.

Please feel free to watch Perez's interview below.

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"Standing Ovation Studios educates kids in the arts and is changing lives one show at a time,"  says John Fanelli of Standing Ovation Studios.

Armonk Today's Interview with Former Town Justice Susan Shimer

April 30, 2014
Sue Shimer is currently Chair of North Castle’s Landmarks Preservation Committee and speaks often at Town Board meetings, but her primary service to North Castle was her work as one of its two Justices from 1976 through 2003. The North Castle News, now defunct, covered the court during many of those years. The Justice Court is the court “closest to the people.” How does that translate into the work of the judge? After talking with Judge Shimer, it is clear that rendering a decision is only part of resolving a civil dispute, a criminal matter, or even a traffic case. She tells us how she worked behind the scenes to make sure that defendants, when appropriate, be given another chance to straighten our their lives. 

We also learned from our interview that Judge Shimer has always believed that judicial decisions should never be made in haste. In her legal work prior to becoming Town Justice, she often prevailed in appeals of administrative decisions, because the government had rushed to reach a result. Even today, as Judge Shimer speaks at Town Board meetings, she reminds us that decisions should only be reached after careful consideration of all the facts. Finally, Shimer talks about what she hopes will be her legacy – encouraging citizens to continue to speak up about issues affecting our town.

North Castle Library Director Scott Jarzombek and Board of Trustees President Sean Ryan speak about what is new at the public library.


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