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Synchronology Skin Care Makes a Difference

December 14, 2015
A team of dedicated skin care developers has created a line of products to improve the way your skin looks and feels. Armonk resident Donna Berry and her former husband Grant Berry are co-creators and originators of Synchronology Skin Care.

The two are known in the cosmetic industry as their prior cosmetic companies were Lord and Berry, which they sold, and Styli-Style. They are known for introducing the first matte lipstick pencil.

The natural skin care products work inside and out offering a clean and healthy feel. What sets Synchronology apart from other skin care programs? Donna says her claim to fame is the ingredient sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn is from the pulp of a berry plant which grows in Asia and areas of Europe, especially Russia. Known as a powerful skin healer, sea buckthorn was introduced seven years ago to the Berry’s by their then German and English chemists. They tested various textured consistencies that formulated the Synchronology ingredients.

Synchronology is made in England and distributed from the U.S. An introduction skin care package includes a moisturizer, eye gel, facial cleanser, and exfoliator. The water-activated facial cleanser is infused with a mild scent of cucumber. The moisturizer and eye gel are presented in sleek silver-green containers.

With a slight woody aroma, Donna says the sea buckthorn oil is a rare and natural resource of Omega-7 fatty acids which regenerate the skin’s cells and is also an effective anti-aging agent. Discovered most recently by a client, the sea buckthorn in the moisturizer helped with her rosacea.

Depending upon your skin type, if you are delicate and fair, start using the exfoliator once a week; otherwise, use it twice a week to fully cleanse your pores, says Donna. Always wash and cleanse your face nightly to remove your makeup and any environmental pollutants. Then reapply the eye gel and moisturizer.

Donna says, not only does the sea buckthorn oil heal and repair sun damaged skin, the skin’s immunity is also strengthened to protect further damage. “It’s holistic while making us feel good without harsh chemicals.” With carotenoids, which have beta-carotene, Synchronology moisturizes with a natural SPF of 10 that protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Applying the moisturizer to the chest area — which tends to be most exposed — keeps the skin looking healthy.

“Not everybody wears makeup, but everyone should wear skin care,” says Donna, who was a makeup artist and worked on formula and color in the cosmetic industry with her former partner. “If you wear makeup with the proper skin care base, the makeup will apply smoothly and you will appear more natural and fresh.”

The recommended morning routine for some people of a “certain age” is not to wash your face because that dries out the skin. Instead, Donna says, just rinse off with tepid water and use the moisturizer while your face is still damp to help lock-in the moisture. Apply the eye gel every morning below and around your eyes with your pinky or ring finger to apply only minimal pressure to that sensitive area. But be careful not to get too close to the eyes; the gel will be absorbed into the areas that is needed. By keeping the area moist and avoiding your skin from becoming too dry, it will be more difficult for lines to form.

Synchronology is made for both men and women to use daily. Men can use the daily cleanser as a shaving cream for a smooth shave preventing irritation.

The product line is expanding with a newly formulated serum that arrives in January. “I use the serum before I put on the moisturizer every night,” says Donna. “Its texture is thicker for drier skin and works especially well in the winter months. It’s not sticky, but is full of healthy vitamins.”

Grants Berry’s mother created Madeleine Mono Cosmetics, a high-end cosmetic company in the 1970s. She was creative and had a great influence on Donna who was a stay-at-home mother. The Berry's have three children: two sons, and a daughter who is a junior at Byram Hills High School.

Donna challenges people, “take the Sync challenge to see what works. Put your current products away for thirty days and use only Synchronology, or use half on each side of your face.”

“The results are remarkable. Using Synchronology," she says of her healthy olive complexion, "my skin has become smoother, with fading lines and spots.” She appears more radiant and youthful.   

Donna promotes her products as high quality, yet affordable because affordability is an important factor in order for all beauty and health conscientious customers to benefit.

For the convenience of online holiday shopping, Synchronology skin care products are not only well priced, but are great stocking stuffers and perfect for that guy and girl who have everything. A discounted personalized automatic plan is available from the newly redesigned website at: Look for the launch of the serum in January when the new product will be introduced.

At Home with Cherylyn Salon

August 3, 2015
Cheryl Lynch, owner of Cherylyn Salon, has seen a change in how women want their services delivered. One area of need is to provide at home services. Just as Manhattan’s “Glamsquad” has deployed stylists and make up artists to the home or on location; Cheryl sees a similar need not being met in Westchester and Fairfield County, CT.

The preparation becomes an event in and of itself. “It’s a social status,” says Cheryl, who has been in the salon business for thirty years. She’s celebrating her fifth year at the Cherylyn Salon North at the Moderne Barn Complex of Armonk.

For those who have moved from the city, you are in for a treat as Cheryl has brought the Manhattan experience to Armonk and beyond. Her services now go to your home or on location. The services are affordable and performed by licensed professionals. Some of the services include blowouts (including up-dos for special events), make-up (including air-brush), massage and facials; all brought to you in the comfort of your own home or at your special location. The make-up artists come well equipped with nothing but the highest quality cosmetic products from MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Armani. The blow outs are performed by a Cherylyn trained stylist where each individual piece of hair must be blown with care, not only dried, but straight with body. There's no frizz and it lasts.

Being creative, professional, and consistent in styling and coloring is required of all Cherylyn stylists and therapists. The team is not only licensed and knowledgeable, they are fully trained in the Cherylyn style. It’s a year before anyone gets on the floor to do hair. Her techniques are very specific and always keep the client’s needs in mind. The growth of the Salon has been tremendous. She recently has seen scores of new clients coming in from neighboring high-end salons for that special Cherylyn experience.
The Cherylyn client is a discerning, stylish client that leads a busy life. At Home with Cherylyn offers styling to make life easier and more productive. Cherylyn Salon has been the number one salon to go to for special occasions; now they are going to bring that experience to the home.
A crew arrives that can accommodate from three to ten people for your special event. Hair, makeup, glamour and style all brought to a location at the convenience, at your preferred time.

Call for an appointment at (914) 273-7900 for anywhere within a 30-minute driving distance from Armonk, including Westchester, Greenwich, and NYC. Please allow a 36-hour notice for an appointment with all at-home services.

All Cherylyn at Home stylists will have security background checks because they must be trusted and reliable professionals who arrive at your home.

Over the next year, look for Cheryl to keep up with demand as she develops full at-home services to meet all her clients’ needs: haircuts and coloring, including highlights and European Balayage coloring technique. Appointments will be done through the touch of a smartphone app: set an appointment, choose the hairstyle (the Deva, the South Hampton…) and blowout according to the look and description all done from wherever you are.

Visit At Home with Cherylyn Salon on Facebook.

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Steve Hillebrand
Steve Hillebrand

Miss Westchester Vies for Miss USA Crown
By Rich Monetti

December 9, 2014
Nadia Manginelli won the Miss Westchester Pageant last August and seeks a spot in the Miss USA Pageant in the near future. Such a crown and the queening sovereignty it represents is certainly a motivation, but there’s a much simpler feeling of royalty that makes her proud of her title and any more that come in the future.

“Oh, you’re a princess,” Manginelli says the little kids beam. “They get so excited.”

The feeling then brings her back to what originally got the North White Plains resident into pageants. “I wanted to have a crown that sparkled,” she would often tell her mother.

Even so, the courage to actually walk the pageant walk didn’t come easily. “I never thought I was pretty enough,” she said.

But a friend entered her in the New York State competition and finishing 11 out of 125 meant more than just a ribbon. “It really boosted my self-esteem,” said Manginelli, who is an office manager at Spectrum Painting.

Two years ago, she got first runner up in the Miss Westchester Pageant and now she makes the most of holding the crown. “I try to enjoy all the things that come along with being Miss Westchester so I go to every event and every parade,” says Manginelli, “It’s always fun.”

Recently, she rode in a 1960 red convertible Cadillac in the Armonk Frosty Day parade.

And contrary to what we see in the movies, the girls are not clawing at each other like spoiled cats. “Everyone is trying to help each other,” she says, “and the competitions are where friendships begin.”

That goes a long way when it comes to presenting a face all contestants must master before the judges. “You think of something funny and the memory always brings a smile to your face,” says the 22 year old.

The Miss USA Pageant in her sights, she’ll be happy for the experience whether she gets there or not.