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Eagle Scout
Byram Hills Senior Anthony Squillante Proudly Earns an Eagle Scout Badge

September 16, 2013
Anthony Squillante started as a Tiger Cub when he first moved to Thornwood. His mother, Donna, thought it would be a great way to make new friends. She started the den and remained a den leader until Anthony was in fourth grade.

To date, Anthony has earned 39 badges, well beyond the required 21-merit badges needed to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

In 2007, Anthony saved the life of a drowning boy at the Mount Pleasant Town Pool. Without his Boy Scout training, he may not have been able to perform this heroic deed. He was recognized by Troop #94 in November of 2007 and by the Boy Scouts of America Council in 2008.

Each badge requires hard work and dedication. In April 2012, Anthony was chosen to represent his troop during a two-weekend training program for the National Youth Leadership at Durland Scout Reservation in Putnam County. Anthony is in his second year as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, and formerly, had been a Senior Patrol Leader.  

For Anthony's Eagle Project, he designed, planned and supervised Troop 94 of Armonk's construction of a stone patio around the plaque of James M. Carroll Park. Mr. Park was a dedicated resident of Thornwood, and the park, with its duck pond and playground area, was named after him. With the support of the community, Anthony collected donations from local merchants, and the Town of Mt. Pleasant supplied the two benches. Whenever the Squillante family passes by the park and sees a young child riding his or her bike with a mom sitting nearby, watching her child, it gives them great pleasure and pride.

Scouting was an integral part of who Anthony was, a part of who he would become as a young man, with his fellow Scouts. He is now a senior in Byram Hills High School. Anthony is also one of 18 students (out of 100 applicants) who was chosen this year to be a senior mentor for the incoming freshman class. He also plays on the Byram Hills Varsity Football team.

Armonk Scout’s Journey to Becoming an Eagle Scout
Mel Olin and Jess Guski

June 7, 2013
Byram Hills junior Anthony Gizzi has been working with the Boy Scouts since first grade, when he started out as a Cub Scout. Today, ten years later, he is only steps away from becoming an Eagle Scout.

Since sixth grade he has earned over 20 badges as a Boy Scout.

In order to earn these badges, Anthony has needed to do many things, including camping, learning about medicine, and learning to tie knots. Anthony says the reason he has stuck with it all this time is because “it’s so much fun."

In order to officially become an Eagle Scout, Anthony will be participating in a project for a non-profit organization that helps the community. As the director of the project, he will seek out volunteers whom he will lead to accomplish his goal. His project with the group is repairing the sidewalk in front of the American Legion; he will oversee the project as the sidewalk is ripped out and rebuilt with concrete.

Anthony said, "The Boy Scout Program has taught me to be a better communicator and leader.” He also says he’s learned social skills and all-around life skills from his years as a Boy Scout. Even after he completes his Eagle Scout project, Anthony will continue to stay with the program and he will be proud to be an Eagle Scout.