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’Tis the Season to Give Back  
December 9, 2015
In the spirit of giving, there was much love among the 130 people who attended the Children’s Cancer Fund (CCF) Luncheon and Fashion Show Boutique on November 30 at Crabtree’s Kittle House.

This year’s event hit home with two honored guests who showed courage and grace as they meandered down the runway to abundant cheers. The fashion show highlighted two Armonk families that are in the grip of cancer. The sets of mothers and daughters flaunted their strength as they fight the battle to maintain their dignity through treatment.

Lesli, the matriarch of one family, showed her beauty inside and out as she walked down the room arm-in-arm with her lovely daughter Chelsea. Both women were stunning and looked ready for an evening out on the town.

Last, but not least, nine-year old Caroline smiled and twirled down the runway with her mother at her side. She continues her journey from just one year ago at Church of St. Patrick in Armonk when there was a healing mass held for her.

Caroline curtsied after she received roses and in response to a big round of applause as this was her first appearance without a wig. She owned the floor and looked beautiful. She couldn’t wait to get back to school to tell her friends about the event--but not before she picked the many raffle winners and warmly delivered the gifts to the recipients of donated items from local businesses.

The 17 models were outfitted in apparel from April Marin Accessories, Elephant’s Trunk, Evolution, Hickory and Tweed, Lillies and Lace, New York Dolls and Yogi’s Paw. Each one, more fashionable than the other, were escorted down the runway by Brett Landy, an Equinox personal trainer who was sharply clad in a tuxedo.

Guests were relaxed, enjoyed the fashion show, shopped, and spent money on merchandise for a good cause at this year’s more intimate setting of Crabtree’s Kittle House where they graciously served a delicious lunch.

With the Bible thought in mind--It is more blessed to give than to receive--over $8,000 was donated during the event. This adds to the funds that have been raised annually over the past 23 years by Cherylyn Salon and Cherylyn Salon North. Cheryl Lynch, who sponsored the event and fondly remembers back to the years when the party was held at the big New Rochelle country clubs with 250 people.

The CCF was founded in January 1993 by a small group of doctors, nurses and parents to support research in childhood cancer. The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and Children’s Cancer Fund are proud to announce their partnership in the fight against pediatric cancer which is to not only to improve care and quality of life, but to increase the survival rate of children with malignant diseases. CCF is based at New York Medical College/Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, New York.

The raised funds go toward the important research of Dr. Mitchell Cairo of the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and New York Medical College. Donations can still be made directly to     

“It was a wonderful day full of love and generosity,” said Gina Groia, who was part of the committee who organized the luncheon and fashion show boutique.

Before Cheryl sent the models off to the runway, she said a prayer: “The group was so generous and gave so much of themselves this year. Thank you for doing everything as this year was a collaboration of goodness. Remember the reason why we are doing this, for Caroline and others like her, who we send blessings and healing energy.”

Cheryl Lynch and Derrek Hawkins

An Important Cause Benefits from Beauty

December 1, 2014
Beautiful women, adorned with beautiful hair, make-up and wearing beautiful clothes, pranced on the arms of young men wearing tuxedos at Mariani Garden’s newest restaurant Zanni to raise funds for a good cause. 

The day’s distinctive setting, creative cuisine and familiar faces were put together by Cheryl Lynch to raise awareness in support of fighting pediatric cancer. This is her 16th annual luncheon fundraiser, and it’s Cheryl’s way of giving back to support the services that can have an impact for those who are in need.

Kathy, a mother a 17-year old cancer survivor, delivered an inspiring story as the guest of honor. She became involved with the Children’s Cancer Foundation when her son was diagnosed with cancer on December 8, 2006. It is a day she says she will never forget.

She shared some horrific statistics of children who endure the agony of fighting cancer. Her son spent 60 days in the hospital, seven months of daily injections, and thousands of pills.

“We are the fortunate ones,” says Kathy. “My son is seventeen and getting ready to go off to college.” It’s been eight years since his diagnosis.

Kathy says most of the kids make it out. But the challenge is that the statistics haven’t changed in twenty years: roughly 80 percent of the children survive, while 20 percent don’t. “That has to change; one in five kids not making it, is unacceptable. That number has been stuck for a long time and that’s what we are trying to change.”

The next step in combating pediatric cancer is stem cell recovery so those 20 percent have a fighting chance.

The members of Cherylyn Salon North’s staff and The Borner Touch stand behind the cause; they worked hard to put the day together. “Thank you so much,” says Cheryl.

Ruth Zeide Grubler and Iris First hosted the fashion show and described the attractive and hip outfits shown from Armonk’s Ruthie’Z Boutique and the latest in trends from Lilies & Lace. Elephant’s Trunk Robert Brache shared his fabulous collection that looked stunning on the Armonk Moms models, some of whom had their daughters alongside them on the runway.

The proceeds of about $7,000 from the luncheon, fashion show and holiday boutique go toward the Children's Cancer Fund and making the chemotherapy treatments at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital as comfortable as possible. Pediatric cancer research needs more funds so an impact can be felt. Feel free to stop by the salon at the Moderne Barn complex to speak with Cheryl about fundraising or to make a donation.

Cheryl Lynch Raises Awareness for Childs' Cancer Fund

January 2013
Friends of Cheryl Lynch of Cherylyn Salon North joined together at Restaurant 42 Ritz Carlton during the holiday season to bring attention to pediatric cancer. Cancer is the number one childrens disease with forty-six cases diagnosed daily. There is hope, but it is hard to get through the darkest of times. New pediatric medications are needed to find a cure. These children find a way to smile, but they need help to survive, their families need help to be strong.

You can make a difference by donating to Children's Cancer Fund (CCF).

'Tis the Season to Give

December 15, 2013
Children who have cancer need our help. Donated research dollars have made a difference as the survival rate of pediatric cancer today is 85%.

Children's Cancer Fund improves the life of our children and their families. Help our children win the battle. Donate today!

Watch the short clip above of the fundraising event hosted by Cherylyn Salon North for inspiration.

Cherylyn Salon Holds its 17th Annual Children's’ Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

December 9, 2013
Cheryl Lynch of Cherylyn Salon North thanked attendees on December 2 at the annual fundraiser held at 42, the restaurant located at the Ritz Carlton in White Plains. Many guests opened their hearts and purses for a truly great cause. The funds will support children fighting cancer and their families, as well as benefit the children’s cancer ward at the Maria Fareri Children's Foundation.

"The children who have cancer are the strong ones," says Cheryl. “The stress that the treatment brings to a family is challenging for both the parents and siblings. Many parents must ask themselves, 'Do I go to work or possibly spend the last days with my child?” said Kathy, the mom of a young man who is a seven-year survivor of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and spoke at the event.

The support of the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) with donating funds toward research has made a real difference. The survival rate for children with cancer who are treated early has increased significantly to 85 %, says Cheryl.

Kathy spoke about her family's challenges while coping with the disease. December 10 was her son's seventh year in recovery. She knows every day is a blessing and says, "We have much to be grateful for. It's a huge undertaking for the whole family, but the kids do really well."

As an involved parent, Kathy brought in some research about drug protocol to ask her doctor why he wasn't doing this with her son. Her research showed that the survival rates didn't look good. Her son's doctor replied, “The information you have is what we treat adults with. Kids are treated much more aggressively; they are more tolerant than adults, and their recovery is easier because their cells are still growing.” The litany of Kathy's son's treatment was heartbreaking. "We were fortunate because we could keep up with two years of medication, treatments involving 60 days in the hospital, and 14 spinal treatments. And we are lucky: My son is here."

Children receive outpatient treatment at the Infusion Center at the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital. The off-hospital campus is almost twice the size of the treatment room in the hospital. Kathy says it gives the kids more room to stretch out and provides the family with a more relaxing atmosphere. They can even watch TV to relax and reduce the stress of the ordeal. Chemotherapy treatment can run from six to eight hours.

At the center, there's a family of three teenagers: one of the girls is undergoing treatment for leukemia, the most common form of pediatric cancer, and the mom is battling breast cancer. It might seem frivolous, but Cherylyn Salon is providing the family members with a makeover. It should provide them a temporary escape from their dilemma with daily battles. And every little bit helps when struggling with life-threatening diseases.  

The luncheon featured a couture fashion show for the guests, who were primarily women. The fashion show was hosted by Armonk's RuthieZ and Lilies & Lace, and with the help of some familiar faces modeling the festive fashion designs.

Cherylyn Salon Armonk
A Day of Hope
By Alice Levine

Dec. 2, 2011
Cheryl Lynch of Cherylyn Salon North of Armonk will host her 12th annual fundraiser and luncheon this year with Churchill's CMK to benefit the Children's Cancer Fund at the Pediatric Hematology Oncology Program at Westchester Medical Center. "Let's start the holiday season in a glamorous and giving way," said Cheryl. This year's luncheon will be held on Monday, December 5 from 11:30am to 2:30pm at the Brynwood Golf and Country Club at 568 Bedford Road in Armonk.  The luncheon will include a 3-course meal, fashion show and holiday boutique.

The Children's Cancer Fund (CCF), founded by Dr. S. Jayabose, is an all volunteer-run organization. Its mission is to fund research to help find a cure for children's cancer. CCF also helps improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families. Cheryl has been an avid supporter and volunteer for 15 years. Over the years, she has hosted fashion shows, luncheons and other fundraisers for CCF.  Cheryl explained, "Some of the money raised by the organization will be used for research, and some of it will go to small, but important things like buying Gameboys for children with cancer. Anything that helps make things easier for these brave kids and their families is beyond worthwhile."

The cost of the luncheon is $80, and all the proceeds go to CCF. Last year's event was held at Moderne Barn Restaurant in Armonk. The highlights of the luncheon were the words spoken by Susan Balsamo, whose 15-year-old son Carlo was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 14. Susan gave an emotional and inspiring account of Carlo's battle with cancer, which has included surgery and more than 30 radiation treatments. "No parent ever wants to hear the words from a doctor, 'Your son or daughter has cancer.' And that's just the beginning." She added that, unfortunately, there are few organizations to support fundraising efforts for children's cancer. Susan asked, "How many people know what a pink ribbon stands for?" After all the hands went up, she then asked, "How many people know what a gold ribbon stands for?" No one at the luncheon knew the significance of the gold ribbon, which represents children's cancer awareness.

But Susan's story was also one of hope and determination. Susan explained that along with all the suffering that cancer brings come the many blessings and rewards from friends, family and other people she has met. Carlo was visited by Make-A-Wish Foundation, and chose to make a rather unusual and selfless wish. "His wish was to have a fundraiser to help find a cure for Medulloblastoma, a type of children's brain cancer. The representative from Make-A-Wish tried to explain to him that his wish was supposed to be something special that he wanted, but a fundraiser to support this cause was really his wish," Susan explained.

During the lunch, Cheryl thanked her guests, as she said with tears in her eyes, "Thank you so much for coming and helping these amazing children."

To attend visit:
To make a donation to CCR, please visit their website: or to donate please send a send check payable to The Children's Cancer Fund to Cherylyn Salon North, 430 Bedford Road, Armonk, NY 10504.

Cheryl said, "We are looking forward to seeing you again this year for a truly worthy cause."