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Armonk Lions’ Fol De Rol Is Bigger and Better than Ever
By A.J. Brodsky

Updated June 4, 2014
The Fol de Rol is making a return to Armonk for its 40th anniversary and this year, there'll be more than ever, says event Co-Chair Anita Cozza. The carnival opens with rides at Wampus Elementary School on Thursday night, June 5, and continues Friday, and then on Saturday and Sunday extends into Wampus Brook Park. To some, the Fol de Rol is a way for kids to enjoy the rides with those ever-popular one-price bracelets ($22) to ride all day or night. Others may enjoy eating the scrumptious treats, or playing the games for a chance at the big prizes. There will be a DJ and dancing that some may see as a romantic opportunity. And others may browse through the vendor booths that will display a plethora of items, including some unique end-of- year teachers’ gifts. There will be something for everyone and all should come on out to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of Armonk Lions’ pride and tradition.

This year, for the first time, the theme of the Fol de Rol is pets and Armonk loves its pets. Well-behaved pets and their owners are invited to march in the parade down Main Street and into Wampus Brook Park. Naturally, the parade will include our town board members and other invited dignitaries, as well a collection of attractive antique cars and music by the Banjo Rascals. The pet part of the parade will highlight our local rescue dogs from the Adopt-A-Dog shelter. After the parade there will be a pet judging contest at the Gazebo with creative categories of: "Best Dressed Pet,” "Most Unusual Pet,” "Most Creative Costume,” "Pet/Owner Look Alike,” and "Best Groomed." Pets and owners are assured to have a good time, so dress up and bring the family. There will also be some fun prizes.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Jersey Disc Devils will dazzle the crowd with a well-trained dog that loves to run and catch flying discs. The dog’s fast pace of twists and jumps while catching a disc or two will show off great speed and agility. The show is guaranteed to wow you! The flying-catching disc show and dog acrobatics, as well as the pet parade is a great addition to the weekend and should be lots of fun. To register your pets for the parade, be sure to visit the Armonk Lions website under the Fol de Rol tab. Please register by May 30th.

Craft vendors and purveyors have always been an important part of the festival and this year you won’t be disappointed with over 75 booths to browse. The Armonk Lions have outdone themselves by not only bringing in more vendors, but sporting a variety of items that will include handmade jewelry, candles, clothing, and much more. It’s a big step up from last year. The booths will be filled with of all sorts of things to dazzle your eyes but yet go easy on your pocketbook. Do come hungry for this year there will be six food vendors including some of our favorites: David Chen's and Opus 465 from around town, and Rita's Italian Ices and Anthony’s Biscottis from outside of Armonk.

The Armonk Lions proudly celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Fol de Rol festival and the 66th year of the founding of the local organization that well serves the community and is part of the Lions Club International. The proceeds from the Fol de Rol goes toward funding many North Castle projects. The Armonk Lions dedicate their time to create not just a fun atmosphere over a long weekend, but they support the local police and fire departments, school scholarships, Meals on Wheels, as well as building and maintaining the Lions Way Bridge in Wampus Brook Park. The Lions also donated a trailer to support the North Castle Citizens Corp Council (NC4) emergency organization and so much more. The Armonk Lions members say it's important to continue the tradition of the festival and invite everyone to come out to see your neighbors and enjoy the fun.

Doug Martino, President of the Armonk Lions, says it’s "gratifying for the Armonk Lions to be able to give back to the community. As much work as the Lions do, we wouldn't be successful without the generosity of the community. It's our work putting the Fol de Rol together, but the support of our neighbors is critical.”  

Over the 40 years that the festival has been in town, there have been many changes. It doesn’t seem that long ago when the Lions celebrated their 25th anniversary. That was around the time when Murray Leffler, former treasurer and president of the Armonk Lions, became a member. Murray says, "This year the Fol de Rol will be the biggest and best it has ever been."

Regardless of what you're there for, the Fol de Rol is a fun experience for people of all ages.

Thursday and Friday's rides will run from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Saturday's events start at 10:00 a.m. and end at 10:00 p.m. Sunday, the final day, will open at 11:00 a.m. and close at 6:00 p.m., but not before the raffle drawing that offers some nice prizes. Visit for more information.

Armonk Lions

Kelli Peduzzi

Jewelry at the Fol de Rol: French Couture Influence

May 12, 2014
Kelli Peduzzi is the creative force behind Pure Bliss Jewelry, a jewelry line for sophisticated and mature women who are in love with life and want to look their best. This year she’ll be showing jewelry and hair accessories at the Armonk Lions' Fol de Rol. Although this is Ms. Peduzzi’s first time as a vendor at the Fol de Rol, she lived in Armonk in the 70s, and remembers the fair fondly. She hopes to see old friends and to make many new ones while manning her booth.

Ms. Peduzzi strives for pieces that are special and make the wearer stand out and look stylish. They’re versatile pieces that can be worn again and again for work, play, or special occasions. Ms. Peduzzi draws inspiration from history, art, nature, her background in publishing and journalism, as well as her passion for literature and poetry. She especially admires the royal gems, such as the Queen’s tiaras, and has lately been paying close attention to French couture embellishments and 19th-century architecture. She channels these inspirations into many types of jewelry, such as soutache, pearl, crystal and glass, flower, and semi-precious earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, samples of which can be viewed on Her new line of hair accessories (which are not currently on her website, but will be on display at the Fol de Rol) includes fascinators, barrettes, clips, headbands, and bridals, all created by Ms. Peduzzi with the same attention to detail and the elevation of surface decoration to a high art.

You’ll be able to see Ms. Peduzzi’s special pieces and try them on for yourself at the Armonk Fol de Rol, located at the Wampus Brook Park on June 7th and 8th.

Kitchen Gadgets and Edibles from Pampered Chef

Ginger Kotoff, owner of Pampered Chef, will be at the Fol de Rol for the first time this year. Kotoff sells a variety of different kitchen products and tools. Normally, Kotoff goes to a client’s house and cooks for them using her unique products to demonstrate how easy they are to use. The clients get to eat whatever she has whipped up and also receive a discount on the products.

At the Fol de Rol she will be featuring a few edible samples along with some of her latest products. Kotoff will be having a demonstration for people to see her tools in action. Products will be discounted and anyone who places an order will receive a 20% discount; everything can be shipped directly to the customer. Everyone is welcome to stop by her booth to check out her supplies and eat a few tasty treats.

Beauty Through Affordable Jewelry

RedGinji is a jewelry company that will be making its first appearance at the Fol de Rol. Their mission is to make women feel beautiful through affordable jewelry that is perfect for everyday use and dressy occasions. They try to feature pieces that bridge the gap between high-end jewelry and fashion jewelry. RedGinji’s pieces make perfect gifts for women of all ages.

RedGingi was founded by Scarsdale-native Rachel Chalchinsky. Chalchinsky has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years and is a third-generation jeweler. She started working in jewelry retail while she was in college and also has experience with wholesale and manufacturing jewelry in New York City.

While Chalchinsky specializes in pop-up events such as charity events and private home parties, she decided to come to Armonk to gain more exposure and reach a new audience. You can visit her booth at the Fol de Rol at Wampus Brook Park on June 7th and 8th.

armonk lions fol de rol
Designer Clothes and Accessories from ROAM

Babe Rizzuto and her fashion boutique ROAM will be at the Armonk Lions’ Fol de Rol this year. The Greenwich, CT based store will cross the state line to feature some of its latest products just in time for summer.

ROAM was opened a year ago by Rizzuto and her three daughters, and she is looking to expand her client base to Armonk. Rizzuto has a background in Public Relations and is very excited to be at the Fol de Rol this year. Her website features lots of trendy clothes and accessories from a variety of different designers. From jeans and swimsuits to sunglasses and shoes, ROAM has it all. Rizzuto will be displaying summer apparel and more at her booth. You can visit her website for more information about Rizzuto and to see her latest merchandise.

Biscotti: An Authentic Italian Cookie

Anthony Mammato, owner of Biscotti, will be at the Fol de Rol June 7th and 8th displaying an array of Italian cookies. The perfect treat for any occasion, Mammato wants fair-goers to experience authentic Italian cookies.

Mammato started his business in 1996 and continues to bake his cookies fresh in Brooklyn, New York. His cookies are so popular that he travels to Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties to distribute his cookies to various locations.

Though he typically attends flea markets, he has decided to bring his fabulous creations to Armonk. He has had customers drive over 100 miles to eat his cookies, so be sure to stop by his booth and sample these delicious cookies.

Card Collection Includes Derek Jeter and David Wright

Charlie Rietschel will be displaying his card collection at the Armonk Fol de Rol. Rietschel has been an avid card collector for well over 30 years and has established an immense collection.

Rietschel first got started in the business after the passing of his wife. He took up card collecting to keep himself busy. He is an avid sports fan and was able to collect cards for many of his favorite sports teams and some of his favorite players. He originally went to trade shows and would buy cards by the case but has since slowed down as his collection grew.

His collection features all kinds of cards including baseball, football, men’s and women’s basketball and hockey. (His collection of women’s basketball cards is one of the largest.) Rietschel highlights rookie cards for many famous athletes including Derek Jeter and David Wright. He has cards dating back as far as 1979 as well as current players. He even has some cards that are autographed by the players.

He will be bringing four cases of cards to the Fol de Rol for people to admire and to buy. Rietschel said he hopes that people will enjoy seeing his collection.