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Spend Sunday at The Fol-De-Rol

The Armonk Lions put on an outstanding 41st annual Fol-De-Rol this week. For the past three nights, Wampus Park and Hunter Field have been lit up by the amusement rides that drew large crowds of older kids who rode the fast rides of Rip Cord and Ali Baba. While Saturday afternoon, young kids enjoyed the less daring rides of the serpent roller coaster, slow cars racing track, and the merry go round.

Saturday’s entertainment will continue on Sunday. Animals appeared to be the theme of this year's country fair. One of the favorites were the New Jersey Devil Dogs, three stunt dogs who zipped around an obstacle course with the command of their handlers. The speed, agility and obedience of the dogs was impressive as they competed against the clock for a finish of applause, treats and a little chew time of a toy ball.

A new addition this year was Robinson's Pig Racers which featured little racing pigs who swam a short lap, and raced around a miniature track. There was also two Clydesdale-like draft horses pulling a carriage which circled the field and was next to two very large oxen in a corral. Animals, both real and otherwise, were elsewhere in the fair. Adopt-A-Dog showed a cute puppy that was sent back to the shelter because he was too tired from all the attention; kids were toting large stuffed animals that they had won at the arcade games and a variety of dogs accompanied their owners, including one couple who had five dogs, with two of them in a baby carriage. The wife said, with a big smile on her face, that one dog was her daughter's.

This year's fair vendors were diverse, offering a variety of wares, including some great year-end teachers' gifts. A popular spot was North Castle Historical Society’s blacksmith and apprentice, which also featured other colonial pastimes such as wool spinning, broom making and needlepoint. Also the pie eating contest was a highlight, with young participants’ faces covered with whipped cream as they nibbled away at the blueberry pies from Beascakes Bakery.

The food from David Chen's Chinese Restaurant was, as usual, popular, as was the Opus 465 selections; in addition, the fried zeppole on the midway was a favorite, along with the perennial fair favorite, cotton candy.

The selection of good food, fun rides, interesting crafts, musical entertainment and much more continue on Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Meet some of the vendors online here.

While there is no entrance fee and plenty of parking is available, fair-goers are encouraged to consider purchasing raffle tickets which is a great way to support the Armonk Lions. This community service group in turn supports many local organizations, including the Armonk Fire Department, North Castle Town Pool, Byram Hills scholarships, Whippoorwill Hall, NC4, Guiding Eyes for the Blind and many more. Raffle tickets are $3 each, or a book of 6 is $15. There are some terrific cash prizes and a big screen TV as well. The raffle drawing is Sunday afternoon at around 4:00 p.m.

Join an Armonk Tradition: Armonk Lions Fol-De-Rol

May 27, 2015
Have you received raffle tickets in the mail from the Armonk Lions Club? Did you know that purchasing these raffle tickets will help raise funds to support various local projects and international charities?

For over 40 years, the Armonk Lions have sponsored and organized the annual Fol-De-Rol Festival and Crafts in Wampus Brook Park. The four day fair begins on Thursday June 4 through Sunday June 7.

Thursday & Friday, June 4 & 5
from 6 to 10PM

Saturday June 6
from 10 AM to 10 PM

Sunday June 7
from 11AM to 5 PM

Armonk Lions Fol-De-Rol

Venture Photography: Professional, Colorful, Personal and Second to None

May 30, 2015
Greenwich’s Venture Photography photoshoots are so mush fun that you will almost forget you are having your photos taken. They specialize in family portraiture with personality. The goal is to exceed the expectations of their customers as they reveal each family's unique story. They encourage you to bring your own props, whether that's ski equipment, scuba gear, or family heirlooms, as long as it fits into the studio, it's allowed. Even family pets are invited to be a part of the shoot.

Venture Photography’s award-winning photographers will capture the best of your family, creating the perfect lasting memory. Check out their booth at the Fol de Rol for more information.

Armonk Physical Therapy and Sports Training

Armonk Physical Therapy and Sports Training has been part of the Westchester and lower Fairfield County communities since 2001. They provide one-on-one hour long training sessions with fully-licensed therapists. The therapists have three Rs in mind: Recovery, Regaining Strength, and Returning to Being Yourself.

Swing by their booth if you or a family member is interested in learning more about them and their procedures. They see many different types of patients for different reasons, from people recovering from a sports injury or a surgery to people hoping to improve their posture. They have seen great success in bringing patients to recovery.

Red Ginji Jewelry

Local jeweler Rachel Chalchinsky is bringing her Red Ginji jewelry line to the Fol de Rol this year. Chalchinsky has been in the jewelry business for over thirty years, working in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, marketing, and buying. Red Ginji is her solo venture with the goal of creating high-end quality jewelry at an affordable price, or "Gilt without Guilt" as she calls it. She mostly designs necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Her designs center around beautiful stones and materials presented in unique shapes and color combinations. She uses turqoise, pearls, amethysts, rubies, gold, silver, and many more materials. Her designs can appeal to and be worn by women and girls of many ages. Chalchinsky often sells at private events, so her booth at the Fol de Rol is a rare opportunity not to be passed up.

GoodDog Biscuit Co.

Gooddog Biscuit Co. is the booth for you if you've got some furry friends at home. These biscuits are made from only natural or organic ingredients, so you're feeding your dog the same healthy food that you would eat. They're homemade, prepared without wheat, soy, corn, sugar or salt. Plus these treats are fun: some are pretzel-shaped, some are cupcake-shaped. The Gooddog Biscuit Co. is coming to the Fol de Rol from Dutchess County. They sell via phone, email, and local fairs. Visit them at the Fol de Rol  to pick and chose the best treats for your dogs.   

The Wolf Conservation Center

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) was founded in 1999 in South Salem, NY. They are a private, not-for-profit environmental education organization. Their mission is to conserve wolf populations. A big part of achieving that goal is through public education of wolves and their positive impact on the environment, and how humans can aid in protecting wolves.

The WCC is also actively involved in the Species Survival Plan (SSP) and Recovery Plan for the Mexican gray wolf and the red wolf. These two species are among the rarest mammals in North America, with only about 400 and 300 of each species, respectively, left in the world. Visit the Wolf Conservation Center booth to find out more about their organization and the various ways you can learn more about them, including a four-day summer camp opportunity for children.


Interested entertainment vendors who would like to be involved in the Fol-De-Rol, are invited to contact the Lion’s Club online at Vendor applications are posted there. A breakfast vendor is needed to serve coffee and egg sandwiches, etc.  

Worldwide, the Lions International has 1.4 million members. Please consider joining the efforts and become a member of the Armonk Lions Club. 


The festivities include many amusement rides and games, food, crafts, and live music, including Byram Hills band ensemble performances. The Fol-De-Rol (French for foolishness) is a fun-filled weekend. The popular Jersey Disc Dogs stunt show is back as a highlight of the live performances on both Saturday and Sunday.

There is no admission fee for the event and parking is free. Although the Lions ask everyone to please buy raffle tickets to support their fundraising efforts. Some of the local beneficiaries include North Castle Coalition (NC4), the Byram Hills School District, and the North Castle Police. The Lions also support regional organizations such as the Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and provide diabetes camp scholarships. International projects of humanitarian worldwide relief following natural disasters also benefit from the Lions International efforts. In addition, the Lions collect usable prescription glasses to distribute to adults and children overseas who cannot otherwise afford them.