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PTSA Boutique Offers a Shopper’s Delight

April 24, 2013
It was 10 a.m. on Saturday morning at the Byram Hills PTSA Spring Boutique. There were 45 vendors jockeying for space, setting up their products, consisting of jewelry; scarves; handbags; children’s clothing; stationery; olive oil; anti-aging products and so much more. Tucked away in the back of H.C. Crittenden Middle School cafeteria was Byram Hills' parent Susan Esposito. Susan was busy stirring her homemade meatballs that had been cooking since 4:30 a.m.

Armonk's La Dolce Dana arrived with bags filled with home-baked goods that looked and smelled as if they had come straight from the oven. Dana Smith baked everything from the Ring Dings to the key lime pie. The chocolate lizards and chocolate amaretto cake looked irresistible. One woman came over and said she wanted one of everything!

The PTSA Boutique, in its second year, is the brainchild of Andrea Rosenberg. Andrea said they were able to find space for every vendor. There were local vendors, as well as vendors who came from Long Island, New Jersey and Manhattan. Co-Chairs Daphne Mascarello and Kristen Basil were scurrying around to help them find their tables and set up for shoppers. 

Some of the vendors had handcrafted their own wares. Ilyse Ennis of Ilyse's Pieces of Bedford was showing her own jewelry and other artisans' lines. Her pieces included affordable bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are made from natural stones and gold-fill; she frequently sells these unique pieces at fundraising events.

Jackie Wright of Traveling Boutique carried containers of all sorts; there were scout bags, bins and totes. A portion of the bags were made from recycled materials. They are strong and durable, and folded for easy storage. But the best part of the colorful array of carryalls was their waterproof, mold-resistant qualities.

Loren Capezzuto Brewi creates original watercolor renderings and has them printed on heavy stock cards; they’re used as gift tags, note enclosures, invites, place cards and thank-you notes. Attention to the printing process was exhibited in the details of the miniature paintings that make them appear like originals.

Byram Hills’ alumna Leslie Resnick, class of ‘73, offered all-natural health and beauty products for younger and wrinkle-free skin for both men and women. There were also baby products and an acne-skin-product line for teens. The Arbonne International products included energy shakes, supplements, protein bars and anti-aging products. This product line is all natural, with no preservatives or less-expensive, filler mineral oil.

Jnana Organics had a spread of samples, including energy drinks, salads, a variety of soups, chia pudding and gluten-free truffles, all made from pure ingredients that are GMO (genetically modified organisms) free. And everything was served in BPA-free containers. The truffles had a great taste and consistency. Jnana can be found in Mount Kisco, and she also delivers breakfast, lunch and dinner locally.

Armonk father and son, David and Robert Heath, have created the Regalis product line from truffles. The core of the business is black-truffle-balsamic glaze that they sell to about 300 top restaurants. They also sell fresh truffles from Italy, Spain and France. White truffle-infused extra- virgin olive oil was drizzled on top of some store-bought popcorn. One young lady kept coming back for more, saying she was addicted!  

Genetic-based-anti-aging products from Nuskin work from the inside out. Locals Melissa Horowitz and Patti Howard carry a full line of supplements, as well as skincare and weight- management products.

Mark Moss, from Suffern, NY, sold olive oil and authentic balsamic vinegar that has been aged in wooden barrels for 25 years. The syrupy, glazed-base-product comes from Italy. It is blended in California with an infusion of flavors including peach, pear and vanilla fig.  

Fortunately, Esposito's meatballs were almost ready. A customer came over and said she had been thinking about them since last year. The variety of choices included traditional beef, white turkey, roasted peppers and sausage, as well as lentil-gluten-free quinoa. Howard Sisken and his fourth-grade daughter, Drew, could not wait any longer and bought a container of traditional meatballs to go.