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Understand What Your Children Are Doing on Social Media

January 7, 2015
The popular Facebook parent community connection groups continue to be a great source of online parent-to-parent conversations. There was a recent post about a mother’s son who asked if he could accept an invite from The mother said she couldn’t find much information online about it, even though there seemed to be a lot of middle school kids on it. She asked other parents: What is it and is it ok?  

One parent answered, “Nothing says good decisions like middle schoolers and a place to post things that are too crazy for Facebook! Kids… am I right?”

Another parent commented: “It looks iffy to me. It says, ‘anonymously meet people who are nearby’ in its description.”  

The initial parent commented again that she saw the prior comment and that didn’t make her feel warm and fuzzy. “I am glad he asked me if he could join, unlike my high schoolers.”

This conversation, and many similar discussions continue, as parents ask, “What do we need to know about social media, apps and online gaming?”

To answer that question, the Byram Hills PTSA TechSmart Committee has invited Josh Gunderson, an Internet safety and anti-bully specialist, to discuss the topic of “Breaking Down Digital Walls” on Wednesday January 28 at 7:00 p.m. at H. C. Crittenden Middle School.  

On this evening, Gunderson will explain what students are doing online, and how parents can encourage safe and responsible behavior. His personal mission is to educate Byram Hills parents, students and educators through an entertaining presentation as he has done throughout the country. Parents will leave with the knowledge of how their children are using Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Yak Yak, YouTube, Minecraft and more.

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