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Be Prepared for Winter Driving

January 4, 2018

This snowfall should remind drivers to use caution when driving in bad weather. The New York State Thruway Authority has alerted motorists to drive safely, especially in winter conditions.

Keep in mind the following precautions while driving in wintery conditions:

Adjust your speed for road conditions and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles;
Use extra caution on bridge surfaces as they freeze quicker than road surfaces;
Be wary of black ice;
Never venture from your vehicle if snowbound;

And when you travel, inform a responsible person of your destination and arrange to check in with them upon your arrival.

If you find yourself traveling on the road during a snowstorm, the safest location is behind a snowplow, where the road has been cleared and salted. But be patient because snowplows travel at slower speeds in order to ensure that salt is dispersed in the driving lanes rather than scattered off the roadways.

Oftentimes plows traveling on the four lanes of Route 22 will operate side by side. This is the most efficient and safest way to clear several lanes at a time. Stay a good distance from the snowplows because drivers may have limited sight distance. Also keep in mind that the weight of a snowplow makes maneuvering difficult and may prevent quick stopping. Therefore, never tailgate or attempt to pass a snowplow.

For winter safety, NYSDOT advises to keep the following items in your car:

•Flashlight with extra batteries
•Charged cell phone and automobile charger
•Basic first-aid kit
•Blankets or sleeping bags
•Extra clothes, including rain gear, boots, mittens, and socks
•Windshield scraper and brush
•Fire extinguisher
•Sand,road salt and/or cat litter for traction
•Tire chains or traction mats
•Basic tool kit, including pliers, wrench, and a screwdriver
•Tow rope
•Battery jumper cables
•Road flares/reflectors
•Brightly colored cloth (to use as a flag)
•Road Maps