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Melissa Kamen, DDS - Advanced Dental Care of Armonk

September 8, 2014
Compassionate dentistry may sound like a contradiction to some, but Dr. Melissa Kamen at Advanced Dental Care of Armonk instantly impresses visitors as a highly skilled professional who truly cares. She cares deeply about providing the best quality service to her patients in her state-of-the-art facility which manages to feel pristine and efficient, yet homey.

Dr. Kamen graduated from Emory University School of Dentistry and completed a residency at Mt.Sinai Medical Center where she had valuable rotations in the Dental Phobia and Anesthesia Clinics.

In practice for over 20 years, Dr. Kamen has worked in Armonk since 1999 and has operated a solo practice for many years. She is trained as a general dentist who absolutely “likes to do everything.” Her patients range from those getting their very first teeth to those wanting to keep theirs in the best possible health. Dr. Kamen draws patients from all over the area, including Pound Ridge, where she, her husband, and son live. Many patients from her days practicing in New York City still make the trek up to Armonk to benefit from her exceptional attention.

Dr. Kamen had majored in Biology as an undergraduate and once considered veterinary medicine as a career, but was not sure she could handle the emotional weight of losing patients. Dentistry seemed an ideal way to provide necessary health care and maintain personal contact with patients. “As a dentist,” she says, “I get to know my patients well. I take a little extra time to find out about them and talk.”

Sparing her patients any discomfort and helping them to improve their appearance are of utmost importance to Dr. Kamen and her staff. She notes, “My work has an artistic element - particularly cosmetic work -- which I love. I get to design smiles and recreating a smile changes someone’s whole appearance. We love seeing patients walk out of here excited, thrilled about the way they look. It really raises their self esteem.”

Dr. Kamen’s concern for her patients’ health and well being extends to every facet of her practice. Concerned about overexposure to radiation and other chemicals, she uses advanced digital technology rather than the former photographic process for x-rays greatly reducing radiation exposure. She describes some of the improvements in materials and procedures that she incorporates into her practices, “I’m conservative about what we use and try to take a holistic approach. Everything must be proven safe and effective. There have been so many changes in the materials for cosmetic work - there are now fantastic materials to improve your looks. Veneers, whitening processes - it’s a new world. Also, we don’t have to inject anesthetic and numb the whole area to work on one tooth. With a new system and one drop from a wand, I can numb just one tooth. I’m also very concerned about preventive care and don’t use sealants for kids’ teeth. There are much better ways to avoid decay in young teeth. Overuse of fluoride can also be problematic.”

Dr. Kamen serves as an ambassador of healthy teeth and good dental care by frequently visiting local schools. She comes prepared with shark jaws and skulls to keep her young audiences interested, and includes plenty of information about teeth-friendly snacks, and keeping teeth healthy. As warm, engaging Dr. Melissa, she eases any anxieties young people may have about visiting the dentist.

Back in her office, she has assembled a staff with decades of experience in the dental field and who make the experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. The team includes a Registered Hygienist, Certified Dental Assistant, and an office manager. Dr. Kamen and staff are available to discuss treatment options and ways to maximize insurance benefits. Schedules can be accommodated with late hours.

Dr. Kamen’s concern for others extends beyond her practice and her immediate community. She is a frequent volunteer for a variety of causes and has made her services available through organizations helping indigent women in desperate need of dental care.

Contact Dr. Melissa Kamen at

2 Byram Brook Place
Armonk, NY 10504
Phone: 914 730-7373

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DDS Melissa Kamen