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November 15, 2014
Stories about the perils and accomplishments of our town residents include those of our government officials. Many of the topics that appear on are controversial. We have allowed the public to comment on certain stories, adding to the civil discourse. All comments will be considered, but reserves the right to not publish comments that are personal attacks. Simply put, comment on the content, not the person writing it. Comments seen here may not reflect the views of 

No soliciting, please.

Michelle Boyle


Feel free to make any comments here.

Fareri and Schiliro Standoff

Anti-Semitic Remarks Made During School Bus Ride

If you are unable to attend the March 15 discussion at the Congregation, all reasonable questions posted here will be presented.

Copy and paste this link to read the article:

Byram Hills Students

Congratulations to Sela Berenblum, Kevin Chang, Dominick Rowan, Lyndsay Siegle and Sarah Tang on their accomplishments as they were selected yesterday as Intel STS semifinalists.

Best Wishes to John Fava

Thank you for serving 40 years on North Castle's Conservation Board

Armonk Frosty Day 2015

Thank you Friends of Frosty for the magical day. 

What can we do better next year?

2015 Election Observations

Feel free to comment about North Castle's 2015 Election here, but please refrain from personal attacks.  

How to Avoid Attracting Black Bears

1. Put out garbage the morning of pick up, not the night before

2. Don't put out bird food from March to November

3. Keep the BBQ grease catcher clean

4. Burn off all food from the BBQ grill

5. Don't feed pets outside

6. Use bear-proof garbage containers -- should this be a town ordinance for all new multi-family housing?


Fareri asked, "How many AFFH units is the Town willing to subsidize? The developer subsidizes on the construction, going forward, the tax payers will subsidize the occupants of those units."

Restoration of Washington Headquarters Caught in Politics

Changes to Downtown Armonk

Sidewalk improvements, pedestrian crossing signals and 10 affordable housing units are part of the current development on Old Route 22.

Town Board Saves Summer Pool

North Castle’s Town Board unanimously decided to sign a short-term license to operate the Anita Louise Ehrman (ALE) Recreation Center for the next seven months.

Congratulations to the first inductees of Byram Hills High School Sports Hall of Fame

Honorees will be celebrated at a ceremony and dinner on May 28 at Brynwood Country Club.

Town Clerk Resignation

Should North Castle's Town Clerk position be hired or elected?

White Plains Hospital to Open 24,000 Square Foot Medical Care Facility in Armonk

Ehrman Pool Under Water Again/Ehrman Pool Still in a Deep Freeze

A Magical Day with Frosty the Snowman

Describe your Frosty Day:

Handicapped Parking

You know who you are, please stop parking in handicap spaces.

Armonk Post Office is a Catastrophe

What to do?

Would you pay for the higher cost timber guide rails to be installed in your neighborhood?

Should Elide Plaza be considered as a location for affordable housing?

When posting here, please keep in mind the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated.

The recent comments posted reminds me of the revolutionary times when "North Castle was part of the neutral ground, site of destruction-fear was deep-rooted throughout the area: cowboys, skinners, tories and whigs, raided and ravaged the farms."

Is this really how we want to treat one another? Shouldn't comments add to the conversation, allowing neighbors to better understand one another's point of view?


Fired and Rehired, Town Administrator Joan Goldberg Says It's Great to Be Back

Town Administrator Re-Appointed by New Town Board

North Castle Comptroller Faith Berland Resigns

Outgoing Town Board Fires Town Administrator

Should the incoming Town Board rehire the fired Town Administrator?

Do you have any suggestions for the new Town Board?

Armonk's CVS is set to open in Spring of 2014

Will you shop at Armonk's CVS? Please post yes or no only once, but feel free to post unlimited comments. 

Frosty Day in Armonk

What worked, what didn't? We want to hear from you to make next year even better.

Thank a Veteran, be proud to be an American

$78,000 is the largest political donation of any kind in the history of North Castle's elections.

What impact will a Political Action Committee (PAC) have on our local politics?

A Blend of the Old and the New Revives Winkler Park

Con Edison's tree cutting program

Should hardening our power lines and cutting back or cutting down trees be undertaken without public input, due consideration and adherence to our Town Code?

North Castle Primary Results

Becky Kittredge Dies at Her Home in Armonk after a Short Illness

The former North Castle deputy supervisor and town councilwoman was 69 years old.

What leadership qualities do you look for when voting for Supervisor?

Citations Recognize Emergency Response of Armonk Fire Department and Emergency Medical Responders, as well as North Castle Police and Highway Departments

State Judge Dismisses Suit Challenging CVS's Special Use Permit

North Castle's Miller House Museum of Washington's Headquarters needs to be saved

Free speech is an essential part of our rights

Do "public officials have an obligation at town meetings to devote themselves to their work, and that work does not include reporting negative news about citizens of the community, past or present?" 

Which do you prefer in downtown Armonk, a bike/walking path or a dog park?

What does the Armonk Eagle represent to you?

Political Partisanship Occurs at Town Board Meeting

Former Judge Takes Town Board to Task

No Parking Zones are for Emergencies

Byram Hills Waste Free Lunch Week

Helpful Hints from the PTSA: Use reusable water bottles, sandwich containers, steel fork or spoon, and lunch box and lastly send a cloth napkin. Any other suggestions? 

"The Byram"

The senior multi-dwelling project calls for 28 apartments of 16 two-bedrooms and 12 one-bedroom units for a total of about 37,000 square feet of living space split among three buildings. 

Town Board Re-Evaluates its Membership In A Statewide Association of Towns

H.C. Crittenden Middle School Has New Traffic Pattern For Afternoon Pick Up

Supervisor Howard Arden Discusses Best Business Practices for North Castle in 2013

Blog here.

North Castle Town Board has discussed plans for a public dog park in Armonk. Two locations are under consideration: the park at the corner of Maple Avenue, Bedford Road and Route 22, or behind the Hergenhan Recreation Center.

Which location is preferable and why?