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New Armonk Eagle To Commemorate the Past

Updated November 19, 2013

The Armonk Eagle has rested on its perch for almost four decades, since the United States Bicentennial on July 4, 1976. A group of Armonk residents constructed and painted the 40-foot Bicentennial Eagle in time for North Castle’s Bicentennial celebration.

The hometown celebration featured dozens of bands and more than forty organizations that participated in a spectacular July 4th parade; in addition, there were Indian Villages, a stage show, fireworks and a time capsule burial. The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in the year 2076, in observance of the North Castle Historical Society's booklets. Today, the Armonk Eagle still stands perched in front of the American flag, on a knoll that is not empty anymore, to proudly welcome Armonk residents home, as well as display a landmark for visitors to our town.

But like in the past, time and weather has taken its toll on the wooden structure that has been repaired and replaced several times over the years. North Castle Town Board member Diane Roth had asked Engel Burman, the owners of The Bristol, -- who are building the assisted-living facility located catty cornered from the eagle, on the other side of Route 22 --  to donate funds to rebuild the eagle. Engel Burman has already donated $25,000. And thanks to that gift, the Armonk Eagle is again destined for an upgrade, to be lowered and risen again, even grander than before. 

A committee of North Castle residents, consisting of Connie Quarrie, Angela Monforte and Nanette Yaroscak, researched companies that could replicate the Armonk Eagle. The new eagle will appear the same, with the broad-winged pattern and the same blue color, stretching its neck toward the sky and holding a red, white and blue ribbon of North Castle 1736. The only difference is that the new eagle will be constructed of aluminum. At the November 20 Town Board meeting, the eagle manufacturer will review the latest information and present new street signs with the eagle emblem, which are quite beautiful, said Councilwoman Roth.

In addition, Engel Burman will dedicate the money to the Town at the November 20 meeting. There are plans to hold a dedication at the Bristol sometime after the Eagle-ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Under the Armonk Eagle lies a garden that started to grow almost thirty years after the eagle began overlooking the entrance to Armonk. Subsequently, the Green Acres Garden Club decided to beautify the empty knoll with a planted garden. Connie Quarrie, a member of the Green Acres Garden Club, says a fundraiser was held at Mariani Gardens. After an expenditure of thousands of dollars on the gardens around town at Armonk Library; Town Hall; Hergenhan Recreation Center; Wampus Park; and North White Plains, and with the help of Mariani Gardens, Sam Bridges Nursery and Garden Club members, the Armonk Eagle garden blooms seasonally with flowers of forsythia; red twigs; butterfly bushes; cypress; roses; Kouza Trees and Colorado Blue Spruces.

We proudly look to the past and carry on with the tradition of the Armonk Eagle in the "Spirit of '76.”

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Armonk, NY's 2010
census population was 4,330.

The hamlet of Armonk is 6.1 square miles and is located in the Town of North Castle, in Westchester, N.Y.

Replacement of Armonk Eagle Made Possible by a Donation from The Bristal

April 24, 2014
At the intersection of Routes 22 and 128, the iconic American Eagle has served as a gateway to the Armonk hamlet for the past 38 years. The original sign, made out of wood, displays an impressive 40-foot wing spread. The sign was originally erected and raised in 1976 during a ceremonial celebration of the nation’s Bicentennial. Overtime, the eagle deteriorated and was replaced in the early 1990s with another wooden eagle. 

Made possible by the generous donation of Engel Burman's The Bristal Assisted Living of Armonk, the second eagle was replaced today. The Bristal donated $25,000 for the new sign that is a replica of the older structures. 

Despite the strong winds, Signs Inks of Yorktown Heights raised the massive aluminum sheets that were welded together and then bolted in place. The eagle is perched below Old Glory where both symbols fly high at the grassy knoll with a fresh coat of red, white and blue.

We asked community members: What does the Armonk Eagle represent to you?

To me it symbolizes patriotism and a community that works together for the good of all.
-Neal J. Baumann

To me, it means that I am home.
-Mari-Anne Baumann

A fine symbol of strength for an all-American town.
-Edward Woodyard

The Armonk Eagle was created in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and North Castle's participation in the Revolutionary War. It flew proudly on July 4, 1976 as the Town celebrated Independence Day with a huge parade, memorial service, speakers, entertainment and a ball - all carried out with much pride by the Town's residents and organizations, all captured on film for posterity!
-Barbara Massi

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