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Renovations More Extensive Than Expected for the 47-year-old Gazebo at Wampus Brook Park

June 18, 2014
Armonk’s favorite spot for outdoor concerts, wedding photos or a leisurely picnic is at the gazebo in Wampus Brook Park, located at Maple Avenue and Bedford Road. Prime Building Services has been hired by the Town of North Castle for approximately $34,000 to repair and restore the gazebo.

Over the years the outdoor structure has taken a beating. Prime Building was to demolish the posts, railings and deck while the foundation and roof structure were to remain in place. But significant decay was found in the foundation and the steel columns are corroded from the inside out from seepage of poured cement. This additional work requires a change order says Town Administrator Joan Goldberg.

The Armonk Lions, the sponsor of the annual Fol de Rol (which just celebrated one of its most successful fairs in its 40-year history), built the Wampus Brook Park Gazebo in 1967. The gazebo was last restored in 2002 as the laborer dated and inscribed his name into the woodwork.

Using more advanced building materials and techniques--such as AZAC board composite for the columns and railings, wood composite for the flooring, and hollow steel columns--will provide a maintenance-free structure with the exception of power washing, says Jamie Norris, North Castle’s Highway Foreman.

The restoration is expected to last for at least two weeks, says Norris. The contractor is aware that the renovations should be ready in time to open the summer concerts in the park that begin on Saturday, July 12 at 8:00 p.m. with the blues and rock n’ roll group Dynomite Di and Destruction. The free summer concerts are co-hosted by the Small Town Theatre and North Castle Parks and Recreation. Check the summer schedule here

Armonk's Treasured Gazebo Collapses

June 26, 2014
The North Castle Town Board will wait to move forward on the additional work needed to restore and rebuild the gazebo in Wampus Brook Park. The original cost of the contracted work was a $34,000. The additional work was projected to cost $17,000, but on Wednesday morning, the gazebo collapsed while being renovated. Although the reason for the collapse is unknown, five of the six steal supporting columns were rotten at the base and were to be replaced.

There were no injuries reported, but the roof of the structure landed on top of the contractor's pick-up truck. On Thursday, a crane is expected to lift the roof off the truck.

The Town has called in the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) to review the situation. After a recommendation from former Judge Susan Shimer to delay any decisions to approve the change work order at the June 25 Town Board meeting, the Town Board briefly recessed at around midnight for an executive session and then returned to unanimously decide in favor of a delay of any further work until the town board members had a better understanding of the extent of the damage and the additional work required to rebuild the structure.

Resident Ed Woodyard said the original 1967 design was partially crafted in Vermont to replicate the Victorian era which was intended to complement Armonk's historical district on nearby Bedford Road. Woodyard would like to see the finer hand craftsmanship replicated.

The Supervisor of the Recreation Department, Matt Trainor, will attempt to arrange for use of a temporary bandstand to open the summer concerts in the park that are scheduled on July 12.

Wampus Brook Park gazebo

Development at Wampus Brook Parks

Updated July 9, 2014
The construction accident in Wampus Brook Park North on June 25 at the gazebo is under investigation by the insurance companies of the Town and the hired contractor, Prime Building Services. The insurance companies will determine the liability of the collapse of the gazebo roof. Would the gazebo have crashed without the attempted renovation? Perhaps not, but the most important point is that no one was hurt.

After the accident, a study was done by Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to assure safe working conditions. The results of this report are still pending. The demolition of the fallen gazebo is complete and the Town's insurance company will pay for the entire cost to replace the fallen gazebo, says Town Administrator Joan Goldberg. A committee has been formed to work out the reconstruction details from the original plans dating back to 1967.

The scheduled summer concerts in the Wampus Brook Park will start as planned on July 12 from a temporary "showmobile" that is also being paid for by the Town’s insurance company.

The North Castle recreation fund supports development of new parks in Town. Currently the fund’s balance is $387,800. In February 2014, the Town Board, along with the Recreation Advisory Board, presented plans to create a park at Wampus Brook South located between Bedford Road and Route 22.

At their June 11 meeting, the Town Board moved forward on plans for a new park on the one-acre lot when they approved $12,500 of expenditure toward services from Kellard Sessions Consulting to cover phase one of plans for the Wampus Brook South Park. Phase one includes drawing the plans, a survey, formulating a construction budget, reviewing all the local, county, state and federal requirements, preparing the bidding documents, and finalizing what has to be done to develop Wampus Brook Park South.

The preliminary plans include a pavilion, parking, stream bank restoration, interior walking trails and landscaping. Recreation Supervisor Matt Trainor says they will try to develop Wampus Brook South following the public’s input from a February 2014 presentation when the Recreation Advisory Board displayed several options for the development of the park. The Advisory Board has chosen a site plan with two possibilities for parking: one plan has parking that borders Bedford Road and the other offers parking adjacent to Elide Plaza. This phase of the project will determine the park’s overall costs, added Trainor.

“The sooner we get the park going, the better off we are,” says Town Board member Steve D’Angelo who is the liaison between the Town Board and North Castle’s Recreation Advisory Board.