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North Castle Town Board
Work Session June 22, 2012
Discussion of Resolution to Hire a Town Administration

North Castle Town Board work session February 3, 2012.
The Car Club at Lakeview

North Castle Town Board Work Session 1-20-12
North Castle Formula Business Planning and Zoning Study

North Castle's Town Board Work Session
Repair of North Castle's Roadways 

North Castle's Town Board Work Sessions 2012-13
Car Club at Lakeview

March 22, 2012
Armonk resident Nick Cerullo represents the Concerned Residents of North Castle (CRNC). At a meeting of the CRNC on March 21, Cerullo said the ground keeps shifting for the proposed Car Club at Lakeview. Cerullo and the other members of CRNC take issue with the town board’s consideration of granting the applicant a special-use permit; they believe a car club on Byram Lake Road is not appropriate in a residential area.

Cerullo cited multiple environmental issues that require further consideration, especially the potential effect of pollutants from the planned 50-garaged classic and exotic cars that may have a negative environmental impact on the ground water supply.

North Castle Town Board Work Session
March 9, 2012
Agenda Item: Discussion with the Architectural Review Board

North Castle Town Board Work Session
Feb. 24, 2012
Agenda Item: Compensation and Benefits Manual

North Castle's Town Board work session on February 10, 2012. 
F.P. Clark presentation of Banksville Planning & Zoning Study

May 15 Joint Work Session to Discuss Banksville Avenue and Mariani's Zoning Amendments

May 6, 2013
The North Castle Town Board has assumed the task of rezoning 16 properties, located on the northerly side of Banksville Avenue; the properties are part of the hamlet of Banksville that is adjacent to the border of Greenwich, CT. During the April 15 work session, the Town Board and the Planning Board discussed changing the area from GB/General Business District to a newly created district, perhaps labeling it CB-C to represent Central Business C District.  

The neighborhood is comprised of service, retail and residential properties. The commercial properties include an automotive garage, a lawn-mower repair shop, a gift shop, and a now-closed delicatessen.

Supervisor Howard Arden said he would like to see the commercial uses in the neighborhood more compatible with the residential uses, while grandfathering all the current businesses to protect their right to remain operational as retail operations.

The Town Board has scheduled a public work session on May 15 to discuss the Banksville Avenue rezoning in greater detail. The other topic on the agenda of the May 15 work session is the zoning amendments and revisions to the site development of Mark Real Estate LLC, aka as Maraini Gardens.

At the April 24 Town Board meeting, Dan Hollis, attorney representing the Mark Real Estate LLC, said he would like a referral to the Planning Board for a report and recommendation of the proposed amendments. The proposed amendment requests permission to operate an indoor catering hall, to expand the size and operating hours of the accessory cafe, and to permit the sale of home furnishings all under the nursery business of Mariani Gardens.

The attorney for St. Stephen's Church, Clifford Davis, said the requested zoning amendments are not recommended for the Nursery Zoning District of Mariani's; he added that any intense retail commercial operation does not adhere to the Nursery Business Zoning District in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Town Attorney Roland Baroni said he recommended that no further action be taken by the Town Board, until the Building Department assesses Marianni’s current retail operations to determine if the property is operating in compliance within the zoning of a nursery business.

Supervisor Howard Arden said no additional action would be taken until the applicant is in compliance.  

The May 15 work session meeting will be a joint session of the North Castle Town Board and Planning Board, and will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Hergenhan Recreation Center.

Town Board Work Session
Friday, April 20, 2012
Review 2011 Town Audit

Town Board Work Session Feb. 3, 2012