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North Castle’s Zero Waste Day Helps Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

April 3, 2016
The North Castle Recycling Committee and the Town of North Castle is sponsoring the twelfth Zero Waste Day on Saturday April 30, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. behind Town Hall at 15 Bedford Road, Armonk.

North Castle residents can drop off a variety of items for reuse or recycling.

Items being collected are:

1) Scrap metals
2) Cooking oils (but not motor oil or antifreeze)
3) Electronic waste (such as TVs, DVRs, computers, computer peripherals, copiers, scanners, keyboards, fax machines and printers)
4) Adult and children’s bicycles in good condition—collected by Danny’s Cycles.
5) Spring and summer clothes in good condition—-collected by Community Center of Northern Westchester
6) Dog and cat supplies—-collected by Adopt-A-dog
7) Clean, gently used furniture without holes. No large pieces that can’t be carried upstairs and no cribs are collected by Furniture Sharehouse ( For details about the type of furniture accepted, please go to the Furniture Sharehouse’s website.

In addition, residents can bring up to four boxes of personal papers for shredding by USA Shred.

Donations to Zero Waste Day champion new ways to help recycle. The concept of “Zero Waste” encourages the elimination of waste which is difficult to recycle. The idea is to encourage consumers to rethink their behaviors, to consider a world where nothing goes into landfills or incinerators.

In 2015, over 750 vehicles dropped off items at North Castle’s Zero Waste Day for reuse, recycling, and shredding with donations of over 50 bicycles, 2,400 pounds of clothing, and one truck and a van full of furniture.

When dropping off items, residents are asked to follow the instructions of the volunteer staff. As a safety precaution and for efficient traffic flow, please stay in your car as volunteers unload your items.

There are certain things that will not be accepted on April 30: no bulk garbage, no motor oil, no compact fluorescent tubes or lights, no tires, no paint cans, no construction debris, no propane tanks, no hazardous waste, no car and alkaline batteries, and no fire extinguishers. Please use North Castle’s A-Z Recyclopedia as a resource to recycle these and other items.

Recycle at North Castle’s Zero Waste Day

April 13, 2014
April 26, 2014 is the day, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., to load up your car with unwanted household items and recycle them. Rather than set junk out on the curb for pickup which will be disposed at landfills, bring them behind North Castle's Town Hall at 15 Bedford Road in Armonk.

This will be North Castle Recycling Committee's tenth  Zero Waste Day. The mission of the committee, made up of nine dedicated individuals, is to "develop and promote innovative and effective recycling.”

At last year’s Zero Waste Day, hundreds of residents drove 743 cars through the seven stations to dispose of items such as electronic-waste and scrap metal, paper for shredding, supplies for dogs and cats, bikes, household furniture, and summer and spring clothing.

Last year, Suburban Carting Company collected five 30-yard-wide dumpsters of bulk and scrap metal. The scrap metal is sold by weight for reuse and includes appliances, filing cabinets, basketball hoops and other similar items made of metal. Motor oil and cooking oil will also be accepted.  

E-waste items are no longer collected at curbside. Last year, 31 skids of computers, televisions, VCRs, DVD players, cell phones, typewriters, radios, and other similar electronic gadgets were collected.

Six boxes are the maximum amount per household of paper and hardcover books that will be shredded by Proshred. Last year over 8,000 pounds of your paper were shredded for reuse.

Household furniture will be collected by Furniture Sharehouse. The not-for-profit organization collects furniture to give to the economical disadvantaged so they can furnish their homes and live with dignity. This is the fifth year that Furniture Sharehouse is participating in North Castle’s Zero Waste Day. They have served over 270 clients and distributed more than 1,800 pieces of furniture so far in 2014. Donors may request a tax deductible receipt.

Donated spring and summer clothing (men’s women’s and children) as well as linens will be brought to the Community Center of Northern Westchester. Volunteers deliver the gently used clothing for people in need. Last year North Castle donated 2,817 pounds of clothing at Zero Waste Day.

Donated adult and children's bicycles in good working condition will be refurbished by Recycle-A-Bicycle. The 60 donated bikes from last year were used to teach students bike repair and  were later distributed at “bike bonanzas” throughout New York City.

Armonk’s Adopt-A-Dog dog and cat rescue sanctuary has been serving Connecticut and Armonk for over three decades. Requested supplies are crates, blankets, towels, canned food, collars, toys and leashes. The sanctuary is open seven days a week and visitors are welcome to visit the animals (by appointment) that benefit from the donations at the two-acre location in Armonk.

North Castle’s first Zero Waste Day was in 2009. Recycling co-chairs Linda Trummer-Napolitano and Beth Pollack say the event was originally held in the spring and fall, but in the last two years they have changed the event to once a year to assure the participation of vendors.

North Castle Cleanup Day 2016
Sunday May 1: Town Cleanup Day Needs Volunteers

April 13, 2016
The winter has left our roads dirty and full of trash. So let’s pitch in to clean up bottles, cans, papers, and other debris discarded along North Castle’s roads. The third annual Cleanup Day is a great way to help beautify North Castle’s three hamlets of Armonk, Banksville and North White Plains.

The event will be held on Sunday May 1 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. On Sunday, pick-up bags and safety vests at the lobby of Town Hall at 35 Bedford Road, Armonk and at the North Castle Community Center at 10 Clove Road, North White Plains. Please wear boots and bring gloves. The bags of debris will then be picked up roadside by the Highway Department.

Malorie Lipstein is North Castle’s Cleanup Day volunteer coordinator. She can be reached at for further details.

North Castle Recycling Committee
Zero Waste Day: An Efficient Operation on a Tight Budget
By Melanie Olin

May 15, 2013
The members of the North Castle Recycling Committee

are the proud recipients of the 2013 Westchester County Earth Day Award for their stellar recycling efforts. Over the past few years, the Recycling Committee has made many improvements to help get the town on board with participating in recycling. In 2009, they originated Zero Waste Day, which was an opportunity for residents to recycle and reuse furniture; clothing; bicycles; dog and cat supplies; metal; and e-waste. In past years, there had been two Zero Waste Days; this year, however, there was only one Zero Waste Day on April 20, since the town is holding a monthly scrap collection and e-waste collection on the first Saturday of every month.

Co-Chair Deborah Cerar said, "The count is over 400 cars in 4 hours." And by the end of the day, the count reached  700 cars.

Many charitable organizations make their mark at Zero Waste Day. Furniture Sharehouse collects gently used furniture each year at the event. The furniture is stored in a hangar at the Westchester County Airport, where people in need are accompanied by a social service agency to pick up furniture for their homes, said Kate Bialo, Executive Director.

North Castle residents donated over 60 bikes to Recycle a Bicycle. There is a youth employment program in New York City with high school, job training internships in which the kids learn the importance of responsibility, while also learning the skills of bike mechanics.

Carol Romanoff founded and was also present at Zero Waste Day with a new take on recycling: recycle yourself. She brought attention to the fact that New York State has the lowest number of organ donors in the country. Her husband, Howard Romanoff, had a lung disease that required a double-lung transplant in 2011. This led the Romanoffs on a mission to encourage people to "recycle themselves and provide someone with a second chance at life." Become a donor and save a life: you can register at

Councilwoman Diane DiDonato-Roth acknowledged the North Castle Recycling Committee's efforts at the May 8 Town Board meeting. The Town of North Castle presented the recycling committee a proclamation. The town's proclamation expresses a "heartfelt appreciation for all of the dedication, hard work, and promoting waste management and recycling waste practices throughout our town."

For more information on how to recycle in your home, log onto and visit the online guide of "recyclopedia" which explains how to recycle over 250-common household items.