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Verizon’s & Politician’s Dirty Little Secret

October 13, 2014
What few of us know with any precision is how much of the cryptic, complicated phone bill for our omnipresent smartphones are taxes and surcharges that Verizon builds into our total bill. Assuredly, they do itemize these government taxes deep in the multiple pages of our monthly bill. Hence, if you delve into those details, you can figure out what the federal and state politicians love about our love affair with smartphones. They can charge us double-digit tax rates on what is often a $200-$300 family monthly bill. On a recent monthly phone bill, the various federal and state excise taxes, surcharges, federal universal service charge, regulatory charge and the tax tally was 11.1% of the total Verizon Wireless monthly bill.

Many of us are aware that we live in the most heavily taxed county in America, Westchester County, but few of us may be aware of how some of the ways federal, state, and local governments come up with to quasi-painlessly garner more of income to go towards their rather hefty general budget. Most of us are not happy to pay for normal daily products and services at 6%-8%. What do you think about 11.1%?

In New York State, Verizon is regulated at the State level by NYS Public Service Commission by regulatory jargon. The PSC is appointed by the Governor, Mr. Cuomo. Below is the link to the PSC Telecommunications page if you care to investigate further why the FCC and NYS PSC dip so deep into your pockets. If you don’t like double-digit taxation, Mr. Cuomo and the PSC would be the places to contact.