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Jerry Friedman Goes for the Extra Point 

December 1, 2014
Byram Hills High School senior Jerry Friedman has been nominated by Coach Scott Saunders for the Heart of a Giant contest sponsored by the Hospital of Special Surgery and the New York Giants.

Coach Saunders says, “Jerry is a great kid who displays great character on a consistent basis. He's overcome adversity on the field and off, and he keeps coming back with a positive outlook every day.”

Jerry is competing against other tri-state football players to become one of six finalists who have an opportunity to win a donation of $5,000 of football equipment for the Byram Hills athletic program.

As Byram Hills’ wide receiver, kicker and punter, Friedman says, “It’s all about hard work, dedication and passion for the game of football,” on and off the field.  

Byram Hills won the post season bowl game. “I’m grateful to be where I am, and am excited to participate. I work really hard in practice and it makes the game feel like it’s a breeze. My teammates put me in a great position to be nominated for an award like this.”

Jerry hopes to inspire the younger kids who want to go through the football program to work as hard as he has. “Hopefully, they get to see the program thrive and think, ‘That’s going to be me someday.’” The younger kids see Friedman and Mike Sardo, who is also on the Homecoming Court, as role models: influential figures of the community who inspire them to get on the track for high school football.

College is on the horizon for Friedman. He has been accepted in a couple of colleges and hopes this award will further boost his chances. He does plan to explore the possibility of kicking or punting in college. “I love football and it’s hard seeing my life without it.”

Jerry hopes to be a finalist for week six that is going on now until December 7.  Finalists must then create a promotional video as to why they should win the award.

Voting closes on December 7 at midnight. Keep voting for Jerry here.

SOCCER, Boys: record 17-6-0
09/02, Tue.; Saunders @ Byram Hills, Forfeit - Loss
09/06, Sat.; Byram Hills @ Harrison, 2-1 WIN
09/08, Mon.; Port Chester @ Byram Hills, 4-3 Loss, OT
09/11,Thu.; Byram Hills @ Rye, 2-1 WIN
10/10, Sat.; Jericho vs. Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
09/16, Tue.; Pelham @ Byram Hills, 3-1 WIN
09/18, Thu.; Harrison @ Byram Hills, 5-1 WIN
09/20, Sat.; Byram Hills @ Port Chester, 2-0 Loss
09/22, Mon.; Rye @ Byram Hills, 2-0 WIN
09/30, Tue.; Byram Hills @ Pelham, 2-1 Loss
10/06, Mon.; Eastchester @ Byram Hills, 2-1 WIN
10/09, Thu.; BH vs. Valhalla @ SUNY Purchase, 4-1 WIN
10/13, Mon.; BH vs. Cornwall @ Valhalla, 4-0 WIN
10/15, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Eastchester, 1-0 WIN
10/16, Thu.; Nyack @ Byram Hills, 2-1 WIN
10/24, Fri.; #20 Nyack @ #4 Byram Hills, 4-0 - WIN, 1st Round-SECTIONALS
10/27, Mon.; #5 Pelham @ #4 Byram Hills, 2-1 WIN, Qtrs.-SECTIONALS
10/29, Wed.; #8 E'chester @ #4 Byram Hills, 2-1, WIN, Semis-SECTIONALS
11/02, Sun;#11 Yorktown vs. #4 Byram Hills, 3-2OT, WIN, FINAL-SECTIONAL
11/05, Section 1 Byram Hills vs. Section 9 Wallkill, 6PM; 2-0 Win, Sub-REGIONAL
11/08 Class A Byram Hills vs. Vestal, 2-1 Win, Regional Champions
11/15 Class A Byram Hills vs. Greece Athena, 2-1 OT,
Loss, Semi-finals

Byram Hills Swim Team Sets New School Records

November 8, 2014
Byram Hills Swim Team placed third overall in Conference Championships and tied with Scarsdale for 16th place out of 28 teams in the Section Championships this past week, says Coach Dan Beckley.

Ciara Dalton and Maria Dubin qualified for sectionals and placed within the top 16 to proceed to finals. Ciara placed 11th overall in the 200 Individual Medley and 14th overall in the 100 breaststroke. Maria placed 7th overall in the 50 freestyle and 5th overall in the 100 butterfly. Maria also qualified for the New York State Championships in the 100 butterfly and will be competing in Ithaca on November 21 and 22.

This year six Byram Hills Swim Team records were broken.

The records are as follows:

 200 Freestyle  2:04.10 Ciara Dalton
 200 IM  2:13.21  Ciara Dalton
 50 Freestyle     24.95  Maria Dubin
 100 Butterfly     58.74  Maria Dublin
 100 Freestyle     55.06  Maria Dublin
 100 Breaststroke  1:10.29  Ciara Dalton

Exciting OT Win Advances Boys Soccer to the Regionals

Updated November 5, 2014

The Champions of Class A, Section 1, No. 10 NYS-ranked Byram Hills Boys Soccer team beat No. 9 NYS-ranked Wallkill, Section 9 Champions on Wednesday November 5,  2-0 at Arlington H.S.

Byram Hills face No. 7 NYS-ranked Vestal at the Regional Finals game on Saturday back at Arlington High School at 1:00 p.m. 

Inglorious Game at End of Glorious Season

November 3, 2014
The No. 1 seeded Byram Hills girls soccer team had tremendous success this season with a 18-1-0 record going into the Section 1, Class A final up against No. 2 seeded Somers team with a 18-0 record.

But it turned out that the final game was out of their reach as the Bobcats started slow in the first half. They unfortunately had three defensive miscues that lead to Somers' three goals to put the Bobcats in a deep hole by half time.

16 minutes into the late cool afternoon start of the game, Somers Ciara Ostrander put the ball in the net with a fullback giveaway. Somers did not given any room to the Bobcat forwards, stifling their ability to get any successful scoring opportunities. It was a physical game. Bobcat forward Carly Barnett was taken out of the game after an injury caused by a push out of bounds. When a top team does not have its two All-State players on the field, there is a severe disadvantage to overcome.

Somers' Shashona Bedrosian scored off a rebound on a direct kick rebound that for her fortunately went to her at a minute an half after the first goal. Somers Anes scored a third goal that was headed in off a throw in from Righetti in the first half with 9 minutes remaining.

Bobcats came out stronger in the second half, never letting up and determined to not be shut out. But the gallant effort was for not, not even after five corner kicks in the span of 11 minutes. A couple of direct kicks couldn’t find the net either for the Bobcats.

Bobcat Goalie Giardina made a two great saves just before being roughed up as Somers received their second yellow card that lead to Giardina sitting out on the sidelines for a two minute break. With under one minute remaining in the game, Byram was called for a foul in the penalty area. This lead to a Somers penalty kick from Anes for her second goal.

The final was 4-0 for the Class A Sectionals Final, but the game was actually closer than the score would indicate. However, Somers converted on the miscues and mostly did allow Byram Hills to strike down the middle, which the Bobcats repeatedly did even as Somers bunched their defense.

If the Bobcats had won, they would have advanced to the Regional Finals, where they had advanced last season. Nevertheless, 18-2 is a wonderful season for the players and coaching staff, parents and fans to look back and savor.

Only Second Time in 17 Years, Field Hockey Team Heads to Semifinals

Byram Hills No. 4 Field Hockey team beat No. 5 Yorktown 2-1 in the second round of the Section 1 Class B game on Friday afternoon. 

Bobcat Noelle Love, assisted by Ally Steffen, scored the first goal of the game with 19 minutes left in the first half. 

Husker Caileigh Lampersberger tied the scored at 9:05. 

In the second half, Ashley Polera scored to give Byram Hills a 2-1 lead with 18:48 remaining on the clock.

Bobcats have advanced to the second round of the semifinals Section 1, Class B where they face #1 Lakeland on Tuesday. The Hornets are ranked No. 2 in the nation by

Not since 1997, has a Byram Hills field hockey team been to the sectional semifinals. 

Girls Soccer Goes to 18-1 and Going to Sectional Finals

October 30, 2014
The #1 seeded Byram Hills Girls soccer team comfortably beat #4 Yorktown 3-0 on a sunny, brisk fall Thursday afternoon.  In the Class A Sectional 1 semifinal game, for the most part, the now 18-1 Bobcats controlled the game with a decisive edge in possession and scoring opportunities. If it was not for two shots that skittered and shot by the lower and upper corner posts of Yorktown’s goal, this game would have been less suspenseful much earlier. However, Byram Hills has often been an early scorer in many games this season. At the 4 minute mark of the opening half, with a sizable crowd hardly settled, a long set piece shot from Bobcat junior Sela Berenblum soared long and high and beat the Yorktown goalie and beneath the crossbar. 

Yorktown, now 15-3-1 (the only losses to #1 BHHS and #2 Somers), had enough very good players up front, in the midfield, and along the back line to keep the Bobcats from getting complacent.  Even though being up 1-0 for the rest of the half, as the Bobcats missed some chances, was not likely to let this veteran team get over-confident.

At the half, 6th ranked in Class A in NY State, Byram Hills, was still merely up 1-0 over Honorable Mention ranked in Class A NYS, Yorktown. Yorktown’s only losses in their regular season were 4-0 home and 6-2 away at #2 and undefeated Somers. The Huskers therefore unaccustomed to being down unless it was to a stellar squad; Byram Hills is assuredly stellar and can be dominating against very good teams.

The second half had Byram Hills playing into and kicking against the stiffening wind.  Yorktown Huskers tried to press into the Byram Hills midfield and defense, but were largely turned away or had the ball stripped. What veteran soccer fans agree on is that the Bobcats’ back line is wonderfully poised and patient as they cooly pass the ball back and forth, often while the other team’s forwards futilely chase, before finding a seam pass to a streaking midfielder or try the long ball down the wing. Yorktown’s speedy star forward did get loose a couple of times, but was effectively marked for much of the match. However, she did get off a tough shot on a quasi-breakaway that forced senior Goalie Emma Giardina to dive to her right and stretch out to deflect the shot away. Later in the half, with her back to the Bobcats goal, the Huskers forward decided with a high bouncing ball and two Byram Hills fullbacks tight on her, to surprise the Byram Hills co-captain keeper with a bicycle kick. Atypically, it was almost on net as it went barely high, which being a low probability, difficult shot was admirable even if fruitless.

As the scoreboard clock was ticking off, fans were a tad anxious as near misses by the Byram Hills forwards meant the score stubbornly held at a precarious 1-0 edge. Late in a soccer game, a single play, or mis-play, can suddenly become a goal, so the North Castle fans kept cheering and kept clock-watching. At the 12 minutes left point, a series of deft Byram Hills passes led to senior co-captain Raquel Gaudio’s foot and she buried it into the net. Bobcats 2-0. Players cheered, fans exulted, then exhaled a bit. 

Yorktown continued to get to the ball but was never able to put together more than a few passes in a row, relying more on attempting to dribble through Bobcat defenders, or go over the top with the long ball to the speedy Husker forward. With 6 minutes left after senior Rachel Pollard had streaked through the middle of the Yorktown team, a pair of precise passes enabled high-scoring junior Kelsey Goldring to slot the ball into the net. Byram Hills 3 and Yorktown 0. With limited time left, the only question for the defensive minded fans would be if the Bobcats could sufficiently backup Guardino so she could garner another shutout. Time ran down, and ran out; final 3-0, shutout for Emma Guardino and her defense.

In the unusual pairing of soccer Sectional matches, the BHHS Girls beat Yorktown handily, while the #4 seed BHHS Boys face the #11 Yorktown Boys Soccer team this Sunday at 6:00 p.m. at Arlington High School.  The Girls team will play #2 Somers (18-0) at 4:00 p.m. this Sunday at Arlington. Hence, Byram Hills soccer fans will have a marvelous doubleheader of two Class A Section 1 Finals to see if both can go even deeper into post-season as the Regionals beckon.

SOCCER, Girls: record 18-2-0
09/05, Fri.; Ardsley @ Byram Hills, 6-0 WIN
09/09, Tue.; Eastchester @ Byram Hills, 4-0 WIN
09/11, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Port Chester, 4-0 WIN
09/12, Fri.; Pelham @ Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
09/15, Mon.; Rye @ Byram Hills, 6-1 WIN
09/17, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Harrison, 2-0 WIN
09/19, Fri.; Tappan Zee @ Byram Hills, 3-1 WIN
09/23, Tue.; Port Chester @ Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
09/29, Mon.; Byram Hills @ Rye, 5-1 WIN
10/01, Wed.; Harrison @ Byram Hills, 7-0, WIN
10/07, Tue.; Byram Hills @ Pearl River, 2-1, Loss
10/09, Thu.; Saunders @ Byram Hills, 4-0 WIN
10/10, Fri.; N. Rockland @ Byram Hills, 3-2 WIN
10/14, Tue.; Byram Hills @ Pelham, 5-0 WIN
10/18, Sat.; White Plains @ Byram Hills, 5-0 WIN
10/20, Mon.; Byram Hills @ Eastchester, 3-0 WIN
10/25, Sat.; #17 Nyack @ #1 Byram Hills, 4-0 WIN, 1st Round-SECTIONALS
10/28, Tue.; #8 Tappan Zee @ #1 Byram Hills, 4-0 WIN, Qtrs.-SECTIONALS
10/30, Thu.; #4 Yorktown @ #1 Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN, Semis-SECTIONALS
11/2, Sun; #2 Somers vs. #1 Byram Hills, 4-0 loss, Finals; season over

FIELD HOCKEY, Girls: record 11-4-3
09/05, Fri.; Clarkstown N @ Byram Hills, 5-0, WIN
09/09, Tue.; Scarsdale @ Byram Hills, 1-1, TIE
09/10, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Ursuline, 3-2 WIN
09/15, Mon.; Byram Hills @ Mamaroneck, 6-0 Loss
09/17, Wed.; Harrison @ Byram Hills, 2-1 WIN
09/20, Sat.; N. Rockland @ Byram Hills, 2-1 WIN
09/22, Mon.; Valhalla@ Byram Hills, 4-1 WIN
09/23, Tue.; Byram Hills @ Rye, 5-0 Loss
09/27, Sat.; Byram Hills @ Harrison, 2-1 WIN
09/29, Mon.; Pelham @ Byram Hills, 2-1 WIN
10/01, Wed.; Rye @ Byram Hills, 1-1 TIE
10/06, Mon.; Byram Hills @ White Plains, 7-2 WIN
10/08, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Pelham, 3-0 WIN
10/10, Fri.; Byram Hills @ Pleasantville, 4-0 WIN
10/15, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Nanuet, 0-0 TIE
10/16, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Pearl River, 3-1 Loss
10/31, Fri.; Yorktown @ #4 Byram Hills, 2-1 Win, SECTIONALS
11/04, Tue; #4 BH @ #1 Lakeland, 4-0 Loss, Semis, season over

VOLLEYBALL, Girls: record 16-5-0
09/04, Thurs.; Scarsdale B @ Byram Hills, 3-1 WIN
09/08, Mon.; Byram Hills @ Rye, 3-0 WIN
09/10, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Pelham, 1-3 Loss
09/15, Mon.; Byram Hills @ Nyack, 3-2 WIN
09/16, Tue.; Port Chester @ Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
09/18, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Harrison, 3-1 WIN
09/19, Fri.; Nanuet @ Byram Hills, 4:15 - 3-2 Loss
09/23, Tue.; Byram Hills @ Ardsley, 3-0 Loss
09/27, Sat.; Byram Hills at Panas Tourney, 2 WINS, 1 Loss
10/02, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Eastchester, 3-0 WIN
10/06, Mon.; Byram Hills @ Port Chester, 3-0 WIN
10/08, Wed.; Harrison @ Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
10/09, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Saunders, 3-0 WIN
10/15, Wed.; Eastchester @ Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
10/16, Thu.; Pearl River @ Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
10/20, Mon.; Rye @ Byram Hills, 3-0 WIN
10/21, Tue.; Byram Hills vs. Greeley, 3-0 WIN
10/24, Fri.; #13 Putnam Valley @ #4 Byram Hills, 3-0 - WIN, SECTIONALS
10/27, #5 Hen Hud @ #4 Byram Hills, 3-0 Loss-SECTIONAL - season over

TENNIS, Girls: record 10-1
09/04, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Tappan Zee, 6-1 WIN
09/08, Mon.; Nyack @ Byram Hills, 7-0 WIN
09/10, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Harrison, 7-0 WIN
09/12, Fri.; Byram Hills @ Blind Brook, 6-1 WIN
09/16, Tue.; Rye @ Byram Hills, 6-1 WIN
09/17, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Scarsdale B, 7-0 WIN
09/19, Fri.; Pelham @ Byram Hills, 6-1 WIN
09/22, Mon.; Harrison @ Byram Hills, 6-1 Loss
09/30, Tue.; Byram Hills @ Rye, 5-2 WIN
10/01, Wed.; Scarsdale B @ Byram Hills, 6-1 WIN
10/02, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Pelham, 7-0 WIN

Varsity Swim Team Results

Regular Season Record 4 - 1,
League Championship October 25 at White Plains High School

Byram Hills finished 3rd, League Championship results:

200 yard medley relay, 1st place - Cara Frimet, Ciara Dalton, Maria Dubin, Karen Dubin

  • 200 yard IM, Ciara Dalton 1st place, Lian Mitzian 5th place, Aniella Poppo 10th
  • 50 yard Free style, Maria Dubin 1st place, Karen Dubin 2nd place, Cara Frimet 7th
  • 1 mtr diving, London Nieves 2nd, Julia Saglimbeni 3rd, Miriam Lachs 4th
  • 100 yard Butterfly, Maria Dubin 1st place, Aniella Poppo 9th
  • 100 yard Free style, Karen Dubib 1st place
  • 100 yard Backstroke, Mia Jacobs 5th place
  • 100 yard Breaststroke, Ciara Dalton 2nd, Lian Mitzian 5th
  • 400 yard Free Style relay, 1st place - Maria Dubin, Lian Mitzian, Ciara Dalton, Karen Dubin

BOBCATS' SPORTS Schedules & Scores

FOOTBALL, Boys: record 5-3
09/05, Fri.; Byram Hills @ Nyack, 27-14, Loss
09/13, Sat.; Panas @ Byram Hills, 20-14, Loss
09/20, Sat.; Westlake @ Byram Hills, 34-7 WIN
10/05, Sun.; Rye @ Byram Hills, 28-21, Loss
10/11, Sat.; Pelham @ Byram Hills, 34-0 WIN
10/18, Sat.; Byram Hills @ Hen Hud, 53-22 WIN
10/24, Fri.; Byram Hills @ White Plains, 28-14 WIN
11/01, Sat.; Byram Hills @ Eastchester, 27-13 WIN

CROSS COUNTRY, Boys & Girls:
09/09, Tue.; Byram Hills & Pelham @ Eastchester
09/16, Tue.; Port Chester @ Byram Hills
09/23, Tue.; Rye @ Byram Hills
09/30, Tue.; Byram Hills @ Harrison
10/14, Tue.; League Championships @ Byram Hills
10/18, Sat.; Woodlands High School
10/25, Sat.; Westchester County Championship

Byram Hills Girls Surge Forward in Soccer Sectionals

October 28, 2014
No. 1 seeded Byram Hills dominated today in the Section 1 soccer quarterfinals game with a 4-0 win over No. 8 Tappan Zee.

Kelsey Goldring added a goal to one of her season’s 30 goals. Goldring contributes her high scoring to her teammates‘ hard work and passing.

Senior Raquel Gaudio scored two goals, adding to her hat trick from Saturday’s game when Goldring and Gaudio paired to beat No. 17 Nyack by a similar 4-0.

“Gaudio is playing well,” says Goldring. “She’s getting the ball in the back of the net. But it doesn’t matter who puts it in the back of the net. It’s a team effort.” Goldring, a junior, added, “We are taking one day at a time. We know the sectionals are really hard and we are trying to do as best as we can to make it as far as we can.”

Coach Michael Martino says Tappan Zee is a good, physical team. “We keep cool, remain calm, and play the way we know how to play. We highly stress possession and how to move the ball. We don’t harp on just one player going to net.”

The team capitalizes on the opportunities to create a lot of different weapons to go to the goal with the variety of players they have on the field.

“Everyone has been putting in their pieces and that has attributed to our success,” says Martino.

Senior All-State player Nicole Hoffman has been cleared to play in this game, her first of the season. Due to an injury, she sat out the season, however was given a waiver by Section 1 to play. The coach says, “While nobody can take Hoffman’s place, the team tried to fill the void and have been doing a pretty good job. Now that she’s back, it gives us one more weapon in the arsenal.”

The team has been motivated and played with confidence all season. Coach Martino says the success comes from the diversity of players. "Win, loss or tie, we leave the field carrying ourselves with class. I hold them to high standards and they raise to it. No matter what they do, I’ll never be disappointed with them as long as they give 150 percent", he declared.

“But they know the game plan is to win. Everybody from the first player off the bench; from the starter to the 24th player has a role. Getting everyone some game experience helps us going forward,” says Coach Martino.

The girls next game is played Thursday at 2:30 p.m. at home against No. 4 Yorktown. “We go about business as usual,” says Martino.

How do they prepare for Thurday’s game? Tomorrow they will begin with a 30-minute stretching session, then do some shooting and finishing drills with set pieces, wearing no shine guards and light cleats.

“We are playing our game, playing as a team. When we play our game, nobody can beat us, we are unstoppable,” says Goldring.

Coach Martino is in his second year coaching at Byram Hills. Athletic Director Mike Gulino, says Martino clearly understands the game of soccer. He’s developed a good player spirit with the team. He’s also involved with Section 1 girls Soccer Seeding Committee.

"At this time it’s a lot of fun to play", says Gulino, "The teams are playing at a higher level and are able to take advantage of the home field with the support of the crowd."

The teams worked hard early in the season, and with every game the intensity gets higher and faster. Being able to get the proper rest and recovery is the key thing, added Gulino.

Byram Hills Varsity Post Season Underway - Scores & Schedule

Updated October 28, 2014
Five of Byram Hills High School sports teams were scheduled to play this week in Section 1 post season games. The Bobcat teams benefitted from being highly seeded, providing four of the teams with the first round home field advantage. 

On Saturday October 25, the freshman Cross Country boys upset the undefeated team from Horace Greeley to capture Bryam Hills Westchester County Championship title in that category of approximately 2400 meters. The boys went 2-3-4-12-23-70 in the 112 person field to win by 1-point. Race results are below in the right column.

The Freshman Cross Country Team is running at the Ray Roswell Freshman Championship on Monday October 27 at Clarkstown South High School in West Nyack at 4:00 p.m. 

On Friday October 24, Class A, No. 4 Byram Hills Boys Soccer Team won 4-0 over No. 20 Nyack. Byram Hills won 2-1 in overtime at the Quarterfinals against No. 5 Pelham at Byram Hills on Monday October 27. The semifinals will be played on Wednesday October 29 at 2:30 p.m. at Byram Hills against No. 8 Eastchester. The Finals will be played on Sunday November 2 at Arlington High School at 3:30 p.m.

The Byram Hills Volleyball Team is Class B and is ranked No. 4. They won against No. 13 Putnam Valley during the first round. They hosted No. 5 Hen Hud on Monday October 27 at Byram Hills, and lost 3-0 in the second round, or Sectionals Quarterfinals.

On Saturday October 25, Class A No. 1 Byram Hills Girls Soccer Team beat No. 17 Nyack High School 4-0 in the first round of the Sectionals. Senior Raquel Gaudio scored a hat trick, while Kelsey Goldring added a goal. They play in the second round on Tuesday October 28 against No. 8 Tappan Zee at Byram Hills, at 2:30 p.m.

The No. 4 Byram Hills Field Hockey Team will have a bye in the first round of Class B sectionals to play in the second round on Friday October 31. They face the winner of the first round game between No. 12 Brewster and No. 5 Yorktown.

In addition, the BHHS Football team played a non-playoff game on Friday October 24 at White Plains. The Bobcats won 28-14. They finish of their season next Saturday Novemebr 1 at Eastchester at 1:30 p.m.

Freshman Boys & JV Female Runner Dominate the Bobcat Run

October 18, 2014
On the morning of Saturday, October 11, the Byram Hills Cross Country courses at Byram Hills High School were wet and soft. The 1.5- and 3.0-mile running trails are carved out of the woods and extend out on to the adjacent lower fields of the high school.

Both courses are technical, with a lot of switchbacks. The temperature remained in the 40’s during race time. The combination of the cooler weather and slower course provided ideal conditions for a home turf advantage. As the gun went off, freshman John Duarte set a fast pace and ran the 1.5-mile course to the second fastest time in the school’s history: 8:30.5. Duarte came in first, followed by his six teammates. The top three freshman boys were Bobcats. Zach Cogan, who came in second with 8:33.9, rated #4 for the all-time records of the course. Jon Mui, who placed third with a time of 8:36.3, rated #10 for the all-time records. The Byram Boys team placed second out of the 78 finishers.

The Junior Varsity girls runner sophomore Brianna Lawless Washingtonville was also able to take advantage of home turf field as she set a new meet record, finishing first on the 3.086- mile course with a time of 21:33.7. There was a field of 91 finishers for this race.

A few days later, on Tuesday, October 14, Byram Hills hosted the League 11-D Championship Meet. The courses remained soft and the afternoon temperature warmed up to the high 60’s.

Two of the Byram Hills girls placed well in the 4,966.5-meter race. Byram Hills junior Rebecca Cawkwell placed second with a time of 22:38.1, while senior Maddy Weiland placed fourth with a time of 23:27.9. They were followed by three other teammates. The varsity girls team placed third out of 43 finishers.

The 16 Byram Hills boys who participated in the 2,412.5-meter race also performed well. Six of the top seven finishers were Bobcats. Sophomore Jesse Katz finished first with a time of 9:37.3. Sophomore Mitchell McKee finished second at 9:40.7.
On this same day, the freshman boys were more challenged on the longer varsity course of 2.958 miles. But overall, the boys varsity team placed fourth. Out of the field of League II-D high schools, Byram Hills girls team placed third.

The next cross country meet is Saturday, October 18, at Woodlands High School. Then the entire team competes in the Westchester County Championships on Saturday, October 25.

Race results are here:

Bobcat Run

League Championship


Girls Soccer Wins Twilight Thriller

October 10, 2014
The latest Class A New York State writers’ poll has Byram Hills #9. On Friday afternoon, they met #2 Class AA power North Rockland in a proverbial clash of titans. The Bobcats girls soccer team won a thriller 3-2 by scoring in the last 30 seconds. Kelsey Goldring had the hat-trick, but was aided by excellent passes from teammates on two of the goals. Emma Giardina, Byram Hills’ goalkeeper, had several tough saves on shots and breakaways. 

Giardina did not allow North Rockland into the game for much of the match, even with their five tall players and one throw-in specialist that could reach the inner goalie box from the sidelines.

Going into the veritable heavyweight bout, North Rockland was 11-0. They were last year’s Class AA State finalist. BHHS was 11-1, and last season’s Class A Regional finalist. Both teams had many talented players including one All-State player apiece. This week, both of the tri-county girls soccer powerhouses played a common foe. BHHS played at Pearl River on Tuesday and lost a close game on the short, grass field 2-1. North Rockland hosted Pearl River on Thursday and won a tight game in the last 7 minutes 1-0.

In the highly anticipated match, Byram Hills struck fast with a goal in the third minute. Carly Barnett sliced through the Red Raiders’ defense and drew their goalie out towards her, only to pass the ball to her sprinting teammate Kelsey Goldring who firmly planted the ball in the back of the net. The partisan crowd roared in delight as though a potential scoreless duel was in the offing. If the crowd was expecting that, a greater surprise occurred several minutes later when a through pass sent Goldring in on the goalie on a breakaway, which she buried in the net.

Byram Hills fans were joyous. The sizable North Rockland contingent sat stunned. Imagine, they rarely lose and very infrequently trail, even by one goal. 2-0 already for the swift BHHS attack and the game was hardly towards the quarter point of the first half.

Perhaps the most stunned person at that point was the ever confident Red Raider Coach Vinny Apicella. He had been quoted earlier in the day in a regional publication stating implicitly that North Rockland would win because they play team soccer, even though he conceded, that Byram Hills is a tough and talented team. Already he was on the verge of a major crow dinner after the game. Indeed, throughout the first half, that saw no more scoring, the Bobcats were the superior, cohesive, one-touch passing team on both defense and offense. Frustrated North Rockland players could only chase the Barcelona-like back and forth, over and up passing of poised BHHS.

Opening the second half, one could readily expect a longtime soccer juggernaut with much recent success to come out roaring. Perhaps they could get lucky and force the Bobcats back on their heels and score a quick one to slice the lead to a single goal. Red Raiders came out running and pressuring BBHS all over. Byram Hills did not crack, but they were starting to tire before the mid-second half. Passes were clicking less consistently and the 50-50 balls that Byram Hills players were usually getting in first half were often garnered by North Rockland. In the 13th minute, a Red Raider forward got loose across the middle on a diagonal pass and got a shot off just before goalkeeper Giardina rushed out and attempted to smother the shot. The ball slithered under the goalie and went eventually into the goal. Byram Hills’ lead was now, 2-1.

The action was back and forth and the skills displayed by both teams was self-evident on why some teams do not compare close to either of them. Excellent dribbling, precise passes and well executed ball traps. Offensive attacks persisted on both sides. The refs’ whistles caught several thrusts just offsides. One likely conclusion is that both teams will be #1 or #2 seeded in their sectionals and likely go deep into the post-season.

Games turn on many things and often by inches. The game was now being played in twilight as it was hard to see, whether for the fans or for the players. As it soon transpired, by perhaps the refs who could not see all that well either, a hands ball penalty on North Rockland at the top of the BHHS penalty area went uncalled. A Red Raider forward, the goal-scorer, swiveled on the deflection from her teammates’ hand ball and blasted the ball that appeared to boom into Bobcat Rachel Pollard’s chest and neck, and caromed away. The whistle blew. North Rockland stands screamed for the hands call. The referee gave them a penalty kick. With 12 minutes to go, the PK was success. The game was tie at 2-2.

The action resumed and both teams attacked down the wings or tested the middle. Long clears gave each defense the occasional and temporary breather to only have the offense surge right back. As the clock ticked down, the audience was visibly frazzled by the pressure-packed, top notch game swings. But a big one was about to shatter the crowd. A long pass by North Rockland swerved towards the Byram Hills outer penalty area. If the tall Red Raider player sprinting towards it got there first, Giardina would be facing a point-blank shot. Like all feisty keepers, she darted forward, leaped into the air and corralled the ball. Then the forward ran into her at high speed and harshly knocked her to the ground where she held onto the ball. The ref’s whistle for a foul was drowned out by the Byram Hills fans’ howls of displeasure. Some called for a red card for the blatant foul on the keeper, which often causes a red card ejection. Instead, the call was merely a yellow card caution. Hence, the Red Raiders got a second highly advantageous call in their favor.

The action began anew as the crowd often gazed to the clock begrudgingly shedding minutes all so slowly. With the score still 2-2, the clock turned over to two minutes left on the scoreboard. The scoreboard time freezes at 2:00, while the remaining game time is kept silently by one of the refs. At this point, both teams and their fans could have been forgiven for pondering that this might end as a wonderful, exciting stalemate. Bobcats were seen to be Red Raiders’ equal in the gut-wrenching final minutes. This is counter to North Rockland’s Coach Apicella’s quoted commented; “I have a lot of confidence that we can get it done in the clutch”.

With approximately 0:40 seconds left, the Bobcats attacked up the middle. A pass was blunted and knocked out of the penalty area. BHHS brought the ball back rapidly, and again a North Rockland defender knocked it away. The sunlight sunk deeper into the twilight and a mounting rugby-like scrum appeared at the top of the penalty area. Kelsey Goldring dashed in, scooped the bouncing ball and cut across the penalty area veering away from the anxious rush of the North Rockland keeper. She powered the shot past the goalie and got the back right corner of the net. Byram Hills was the winner with the final tally of 3-2.

“The Bobcats are going to win a thriller,” the Byram Hills fans shouted, stamped the bleachers, and yelled to the early night sky. There was perhaps another 0:20 after the dispirited, panicked North Rockland team took the post goal kick-off. But they knew there was too little time before expiration of their hope for a comeback was extinguished.

We may not have seen a more exciting BHHS soccer game other than the 2010 BHHS girls team against Rye. Byram Hills had a single defeat earlier by Rye, and later in the season they hosted the then #1 team (not #1 in the State, but #1 in the USA) in the nation at Byram Hills. The Bobcats fought a furious match to finally lose a heartbreaker when Rye scored in the final minute with a shot off of the post.

Byram Hills Football against Rye

Byram Hills Falls Short in 28-21 Loss to Undefeated Rye Garnets
By Rich Monetti

October 5, 2014
Byram Hills faced off against Rye Sunday under an unblemished sky – hoping to leave a mark on both the day and the Garnet’s 4-0 record.

A tall order that stood out in the poise Rye Quarterback Andrew Livingston exhibited above, around and inside the trenches. Passing and running his team down the field all afternoon, Livingston set the tone at 7:08 of the first, scoring on an 8 yard keeper.

The Byram Hills offense still came out up to the task. Michael Sardo busted out of the gate with a first down run and was followed by Quarterback Louis Filippelli scrambler to the 45. But an illegal procedure would ultimately leave Byram Hills short after Filippelli found room to run across midfield.

Rye did not hesitate to take advantage. Livingston multitasking in the air and on the run, Tim DeGraw took it in from the three.

14-0 seemed daunting from the stands, Bobcat Filippelli pulled out some poise of his own in connecting for a 27 yard strike and then converting a fourth and two at the 39 with his legs. Following his lead, Sardo set up his quarterback’s 7 yard sneak at 6:53 of the second with a crucial third down run and a five yard out inside the ten.

Unfortunately, Rye answered right back and entered the break ahead by 14.

Receiving to start the third, Filippelli sustained another scoring drive by hooking up several times with WR Kellen Hatheway before taking it in himself at 8:26. But a perfect 39 yard pass lofted over the Bobcat defense quieted the crowd three minutes later and spoke volumes on keeping up with the talented Rye QB.

Not ready to quit, several big defensive plays by Andrew Zaccagnino and Carl Samson kept the game in reach, and when Michael Sardo got behind the Rye defense for a 40 yard run, it appeared the Bobcats would keep pace. A fumble several plays later seemed to seal the deal but Byram Hills persisted.

Filippelli kept a late drive going by completing a 4th and 10 at the 27 and then hit Sardo to get within seven with 1:38 left. The obligatory onside kick failing, Byram Hills actually took Rye to a 4th down in the final minute, but the Garnets converted and brought the sky down on a valiant Bobcat effort.

Byram Hills Field Hockey

Byram Hills Field Hockey Keeps Pressure on in 2-1 Victory Over North Rockland
By Rich Monetti

September 20, 2014
At the outset of Byram Hills Girls field hockey match, visiting North Rockland seemed as if they cruised the EasyPass Lane across the Tappen Zee to corner the action 

in the Bobcat end of the field. But the momentum went for naught of two timely kick saves by BHHS goalie Alison Bidjarano. Standing tall in goal, her teammates mostly took it from there.

Seemingly everywhere and stickhandling their way to numerous opportunities, Ally Steffan and Ashley Polera kept North Rockland hemmed in and eventually Ally found the net at 16:43. But schooled enough to not sit back, good passing all around collapsed the North Rockland defense and had Kristen Khouri assisting Corrin Burke for the second goal at 11:56.

A two goal lead in hand, Byram Hills’ sustained offense provided as good a defense as any. Even so, the Bobcats’ backfield turned numerous encroachments into frustrating half measures for North Rockland. Caroline Bucher and Hannah Skriloff repeatedly stepped up and sticked aside their midfield advances.

The half’s end, though, did have the drama go a little deeper. A North Rockland breakaway was fortunately thwarted by Skriloff – earning the girls a well-deserved breather with a sigh of relief.

The second half had the Bobcats successfully sticking to the program before North Rockland finally scored at 11:25. Undeterred, the Bobcats continued to press forward but gave their fans a scare as the clock wound down.

An outlet pass leaving the North Rockland Left Forward a direct line to the goal, Ashley Polera sealed off the path and North Rockland’s fate.

Byram Hills Bobocat
Byram Hills Volleyball Rises Early for Six Straight First Round Wins at Panther Invitational
By Rich Monetti

September 28, 2014
Byram Hills rose early on Saturday morning to open the 11th Annual Panther Volleyball Invitational at Lakeland High School. Coach Jared Christian acknowledged that the 8AM start had his girls looking a little tired, “but they woke up quickly,” he said in winning both games of the initial round.

Passing on a second cup of coffee, the Bobcats’ strength up the middle provided all the stimulation they needed in their subsequent match against Somers.  Backcourt specialist Alexa Golia bumped masterly – whether in the set position or full dig – while senior setter Lucy Greenwald precisely peppered her teammates inside and out.  

As such, Somers found itself on the receiving end of a #3 (Greenwald) - #2 (Guin Mesh) punch that put the Bobcats ahead 15-12. But Somers hung tough and broke later to a 20-18 lead.

Leaving Byram Hills back on their heels, Golia came up big and went gopher in excavating a near kill that landed perfectly in the sites of her setter.  This time Greenwald going one-two to Andie Simon, the senior hitter dented the hardwood and tied the score.  

Byram Hills then coasted to 25-21 first set win, which clearly had Somers out of sync. A number of unforced errors put Byram Hills ahead 13-8 and was no cause for a let up. Greenwald changed pace nonetheless with a deft little dink that secured a 19-10 advantage.

Even so, a timeout seemed to provide Somers with a bump, but their 4-0 run was met with a Taylor Kirkwood right hook kill from Byram Hill’s left. A final block by Simon ended any uncertainty for a 25-17 sweep.

In the Noon match, the Bobcats defeated Minisink 25-17, 25-21 and awaited the evening round.

Out of 24 teams, BHHS finished #2 in their bracket play and lost in the semifinals to Panas. Panas lost to Yorktown High School who won the 24 team tournament.

BHHS girls played great until the semifinal game.

David Simon contributed to this article.  

Girls Soccer Beat Rival Rye, Goes to 9-0 Record

September 30, 2014
The Byram Hills Girls Soccer team accomplished something we believe is unprecedented: they have overwhelmed long-time rival and fellow tri-county soccer power, Rye, twice this season by a combined score of 11 goals scored and merely 2 goals allowed. Typically, when these two highly-regarded soccer teams have faced off over several years, it has been 1- 2-goal margin for one or the other. Monday night, BHHS visited Rye, where the Bobcats drubbed Rye 5-1.  

Kelsey Goldring had an imposing four goals scored, while Lena Forcello tallied the other goal. Carly Barnett had two assists and contributed to the strong midfield play that effectively kept Rye back on the heels for much of the game. Earlier this season, Rye visited Byram Hills and was overwhelmed 6-1, a score we doubt Rye has rarely had to absorb. Ironically, Rye whose record dropped 6-2, is undefeated against all other teams, but both humbling losses have occurred when they faced Byram Hills girls soccer team. To date, the Bobcats move to a lofty 9-0 record.

Although they have two more games ahead of them, some fans are peeking further down the schedule to the October 10, Saturday game versus Class AA powerhouse and undefeated North Rockland, which will be a home game at 3:00 p.m.  

Presently, Byram Hills is ranked #9 in Class A in the State and North Rockland is ranked #3 in Class AA in the State. It is speculated that both teams should go deep in the post-season this season. That would be similar to last season when North Rockland was a state finalist and had 21-1-1 record, while Byram Hills was a regional finalist with a 20-2 record. It would not surprise this publication if both teams ended up at Cortland where the state finals are held. You may want to schedule being at Byram Hills High School on October 10 for a clash of the soccer titans.

All game schedules are subject to change. 
Check Boces website for updated information:


Bobcats Defeat Long-Time Rival

September 16, 2014
Byram Hills girls soccer team dominated their long-time rival, Rye, for most of the home game in Armonk on Monday. The Bobcats have proven to be tough competitors who never back down. T he team’s intensity gave them a substantial edge in possession time and an overwhelming edge in scoring chances. It was no surprise they achieved a distinctive win over Rye by a 6-1 score.

Byram Hills has waited a long time for this game, says Ira Schulman, an avid Bobcat soccer fan and President of the Board of Education. “Six goals against Rye, Byram Hills thoroughly out played them.”

Going into the game, both teams shared an early season undefeated 3-0 record, but Byram was favored because in games against their one common foe, Eastchester; Byram Hills blew past them 4-0, while Rye edged them 2-1.

In their first four games so far this season, Byram Hills has scored 19 goals, with one goal scored against them.

“Byram Hills is clearly running on eight-cylinders. There’s not a deficit in the one area of the field,” says Byram Hills parent Bob Barnett. "They play very well together as a team.”

"The first goal scored by Byram Hills was the type of lucky goal that Rye made a career out of scoring against us in the last eight or nine years," added Schulman.

Rye answered shortly afterwards with a nicely placed header off of a corner kick that was the first score against Byram Hills this season. The first half of the game finished with Byram Hills leading 2-1. In the second half, Byram Hills' offense and defense was strong with a five to nothing run.

“I’m proud of the girls,” says Schulman. “This may be the finest girls varsity soccer team we have ever had.” 

There is speculation that the Bobcats might be one of the best teams in the State this season, but it's still early. However, Byram Hills is playing without one of their star forwards, Nicole Hoffman, so future opponents may face an even more daunting soccer squad.

Kelsey Goldring scored three goals; which is an impressive second hat trick of the season. Carly Barnett, Rachel Pollack and Jessica Kennett scored one goal each.

Sydney Frenchman was taken out of the game with an injury after a collision with a Rye player. We hope she’ll be back on the field soon.

Next up Byram Hills faces Harrison on Wednesday September 17 at 4:30 p.m. at Harrison.


Byram Hills Girls Soccer Team Has a Clean Sheet Through Two Games

September 9, 2014
With Field Hockey team playing on the turf field, the girls soccer team played on the smaller grass field, appearing to be shorter by about 10 or more yards on each end. Although the grass should have slowed the BHHS' long lead passes more so than on the artificial turf, the lack of field length meant in the first half that Eastchester’s goalie may have had nearly 10 saves from just running out to those passes before a Bobcat forward could pounce.

A BHHS forward was taken down in the penalty area in first half, then Carly Barnett converted the penalty kick for a 1-0 halftime lead. The possession dominance by BHHS was substantial and shots on goal were similarly skewed. The Bobcats one-touch passing and poised square passes by its back line defused Eastchester’s offense. The Eagles were forced to chase passes without intercepting them.

The second half was similar to the first with more long passes that could have been multiple breakaways on an official length field, but not on the shorter field. Twice the Eastchester goalie's long punts reached the Bobcat goalie on several bounces. About halfway into the second half, Kelsey Goldring got loose around the right corner and blasted a low shot that got through Eastchester keeper’s hands and the ball skittered in for 2-0 lead. Then the Bobcat forward Remi Godner had an excellent volley blast from a crowd back of the penalty area that sliced into the right corner. A bit later, on a partial breakaway up the middle seam, Goldring laced into a shot that rocketed into the upper left corner for a 4-0 lead.

So far the Bobcats have a 2-0 season record with a cumulative score of 10-0 and that’s without Nicole Hoffman, the 2nd-team All-State forward, who hasn't played yet for any length of time. BHHS faces Pelham on Friday and then Rye at home next Monday. Rye edged Eastchester 2-1 and topped Harrison 3-1. Then BHHS faces Tappan Zee 2-0 on the following Friday. Eastchester lost a close one to Pearl River 2-0, and lost narrowly to Rye 2-1 at Rye. Eastchester then drubbed Tuckahoe 6-0.
hickory and tweed
Byram Hills track

Freshman Boys Capture Cross Country Championship

Updated October 27, 2014
On Saturday October 25, the freshman Cross Country boys upset the undefeated team from Horace Greeley to capture Bryam Hills Westchester County Championship title in that category. The boys went 2-3-4-12-23-70 in the 112 person field to win by 1-point. Results

In 2002, the Byram Hills Boys Freshman Team placed first with 25 point, besting runner-up Carmel who scored 42 points, says Coach Greg Govan. Ryan Diorio capture the individual title, running 8:28.2 over the 2,400 meter course at Westchester Community College. Ryan went on to gain All American honors during his senior year (2006) in track & field when his 1:52.5 anchor leg led the team to a 6th place finish at the National High School Championship in the 4 x 800 meter relay.

The Freshman Cross Country Team is running at the Ray Roswell Freshman Championship on Monday October 27 at Clarkstown South High School in West Nyack at 4:00 p.m. 

Record Set on Hard and Fast Course 

October 1, 2014
At the Dual Meet with Rye High School on Tuesday September 23, a new Byram Hills school record for the 1.5 distance was set. The time of 8:34.4 run by Bobcats John Duarte is now # 5 on the All Time List for the Byram Hills 1.5 mile course, says Coach Greg Govan. This breaks the old mark of 8:35.6 run by Kyle McCarthy in 2012. The 8:36.5 run by Jon Mui stands at # 8 on the All Time List, and is # 3 All Time amongst Byram Hills athletes. 

Results from the Rye meet

Byram Hills Top 10 Lists for various courses

Byram Hills Cross Country Top 25 Lists

September 18, 2014
Coach Greg Govan says, “We have three very good freshman boys who should provide some excitement throughout the season. At the first invitational of the season (Wizard Invitational) at Washingtonville, they went 2-3-4 in the 1.4 mile freshman event. At the Red Raider meet, at Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, one was absent while John Duarte and Jon Mui went 1-2 in the 1.5 mile freshman race. Duarte just missed the meet record by 1.1 seconds.”

BHHS Track results Wizard Invitational 09-06-14

BHHS Track results 09-09-14 East Chester & Pelham

BHHS Track results 09-12-14 Red Raiders

BHHS Girls Quartet of Teams Lead the Way

October 13, 2014
Bobcats’ fans can trumpet the four girls teams that surge towards the Sectionals and beyond.

Four teams have double-digit wins;  Girls Soccer is 12-1,  Girls Tennis is 10-1,  Girls Field Hockey is 10-2-2, and the Girls Volleyball team is 10-4.  It is rare that a high school can enjoy such a breadth of success. Byram Hills students, teachers, players, coaches, family and friends are indeed proud of the Fall 2014 Bobcats.

In the case of soccer and tennis teams, not only are they winning; they are winning big. Girls Soccer has scored 51 goals so far while allowing merely 7 goals. That translates to an average game score of about 4 goals scored versus roughly 0.5 goals allowed. The Girls Tennis team has won 64 matches and lost only 13 matches. Thus, their average outing is to win 6 matches while losing 1 match.

The remaining Bobcat games this season are as follows:

  • Girls Soccer at Pelham, Tue., 10/14, 4:30 [earlier in season, BHHS won 3-0 at home]
  •  Girls Field Hockey at Nanuet, Wed., 10/15, 4:15pm
  • Girls Volleyball hosts Eastchester, Wed., 10/15, 4:30pm [earlier BHHS won 3-0 away]
  • The Cross Country team hosts the  League Championship at Byram Hills HS, Tue., 10/15, 4:15 p.m.
  • Boys Soccer, 10/15, Wed.; Byram Hills @ Eastchester, TBA
  • Field Hockey,10/16, Thu.; Byram Hills @ Pearl River, 4:15pm
  • Volleyball 10/16, Thu.; Pearl River @ Byram Hills, 4:30pm
  • Boys Soccer 10/18, Sat.; Greeley @ Byram Hills, 11AM - Senior Day
  • Football Sat., 10/18 Hen Hud at Byram Hills , 5pm
  • Girls Soccer 10/20, Mon.; Byram Hills @ Eastchester, 4:30pm

  • Girls Volley 10/20, Mon.; Rye @ Byram Hills, 4:30pm
  • Girls Swimming Mon., Pelham vs Byram Hills at SUNY Purchase, 4:30pm

Game schedule is subject to change. Check Boces

Gressler Invitation Meet Results  

October 1, 2014
Highlights of the Gressler Invitational on Saturday September 27 at White Plains High School are as follows:

Rebecca Cawkwell & Maddy Weiland finished 8th & 10th, respectively in the varsity 5000 meter race.

Sophia Manners placed 7th in the 1.5 mile freshman event.

John Duarte (2nd), Jon Mui (3rd), and Zach Cogan (5th) paced the boys' freshman team to a 2nd place finish, just 9 points behind the winner, Horace Greeley. Both Duarte (9:39.9) and Mui (9:43.5) went under Byram Hills’ old meet record of 9:45.9.


BHHS Homecoming Weekend Opens Today With Two Undefeated Teams

The annual big sports weekend of Homecoming opens today, Friday September 19 with two undefeated Bobcat teams looking to keep their pristine records, both at 6-0 so far.  

The girls soccer team is off to a fast and furious start, not only undefeated but often overwhelming their foes. To date, they have outscored their opponents 25-1.  Today, the girls soccer team faces cross-river rival Tappan Zee at 4:30 p.m.  

The girls tennis team has also seen a swift surge to date at 6-0 record overall, as well as often drubbing their foes. Their cumulative matches’ results are an imposing 39-3.  They are scheduled to face Pelham today at the Byram Hills High School courts at 4:15 p.m.  

Additionally, the girls volleyball team is off to a good 4-1 record so far and they meet Nanuet today at 4:15 p.m. inside at the Byram Hills gym.  

Homecoming is about to start and so is the three excellent girls’ teams this Friday afternoon. Go watch and root them on!

Falsely Reported News about Byram Hills Boys Soccer

August 30, 2014
Early Saturday morning, the Journal News,, reported an unconfirmed rumor that said two members of the Byram Hills boys soccer team were caught on campus with drugs. This is “absolutely not true,” says Superintendent Bill Donohue.

On a routine patrol at the Byram Hills High School parking lot, North Castle Police discovered a group of kids camped out in the middle of the turf filed, pup tents and all, says Donohue. When the one police car arrived, the students ran and were not identified at the scene. The police later identified the owners of the cars in the parking lot, thus discovering that members of the soccer team were on campus. The cars were picked up later from the high school without any events.

Soccer Coach Matt Allen was not present at the campout. Donohue says, “Allen had gotten wind of the campout plan in advance and told the team not to do it. The punishment of one forfeited game is for disobeying the coach’s directive, not for drugs, or any other rumored activity.”

Byram Hills policy is that any student caught with drugs on campus at any time must be removed by the police and processed officially at the police station. “This rule has been in effect since I became principal in 1997,” says Donohue, “and is fully endorsed by the current principal, Chris Borsari. Nothing with drugs is handled by the schools without police involvement.

“This is the kind of event that represents immature judgment on the part of kids. Camping out in plain view on our main field was a bad judgment, but hardly criminal, and the coach handled it appropriately. Good discipline means quick and fair consequences for poor choices and actions. I think the coach handled it well.”

Byram Hills Sports Has Double Opening Day

Sept. 5, 2014
Byram Hills High School fall sports teams had two teams open their season on Friday afternoon. The Girls Soccer and the Field Hockey teams began their seasons at home at the high school.

Byram Hills girl soccer team dominated Ardsley 6-0 in the season opening game. The Bobcats outplayed Ardsely on both sides of the field. Kelsey Goldring scored a hat trick with one assist. Carly Barnett scored two goals and Raquel Gaudio added one goal. “The team is off to a good start and they are looking forward to a strong season,” says junior Kelsey Goldring’s mother, Kathleen Goldring.

Last year, Byram Hills girls soccer team’s regular season closed with an imposing record of 15-1-0, whereas Ardsely’s record was 9-7-1. This year Byram Hills girls’ team might be a strong contender to go all the way to the States, which they narrowly missed last year. Many of the Bobcat’s strong players have returned and are likely better this season.

Byram Hills field hockey shut out Clarkstown North 5 - 0 in the opening game. Josie Ratafia scored two goals, Noelle Love scored a goal, Clarkstown scored an "own goal" against themselves, and Kristen Khouri closed the game with a goal. Defensive Bobcats player, Emily Sherman says, “It’s a great way to start the season.”