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Byram Hills Track Highlights
By Coach Greg Govan
December 9, 2013
The Byram Hills Girls Winter Track team provided some real sparkle at the Section 1 Kickoff Meet at the 168th Street Armory on Saturday. Three students were added to the Byram Hills’ All Time Top Ten List, along with a double cracking of the old school record.
New Record
Carly Schwartz did the double whammy yesterday: she erased the old record with her 9.30 FAT clocking in the 55- meter hurdle trials. Not quite satisfied with the new mark, she broke it one more time, stopping the clocks at 9.21, while finishing 4th in the hurdle finals.
Top Ten Additions
Rebecca Cawkwell sped 11:14.34 for 4th place in the 3000-meter run, placing her in the # 7 spot on the Byram Hills All Time Top Ten List.
Taylor Davis vaulted 7’ 06,” while winning the novice pole vault, to tie for 3rd on the Byram Hills All Time Top Ten List.
Victoria Parrish finished at 8:23.36 to place 6th in the 1500-meter race walk. The results place her in the 10th Byram Hills All Time Top Ten List.
Here are more results:

Byram Hills High School Cheerleading
Byram Hills Cheerleaders Land First Place in County Cheerleading Invitational

November 26, 2013
Byram Hills Cheerleaders received a perfect score for a first place finish among eight teams from Westchester County at Westchester County's 65th 2013 Invitation Championship. "Winners are determined by a panel of three judges, whose criteria include jumps, tumbling, partner stunts, pyramids/basket tosses, choreography, the timing of the routine, the projection of the athletes, and the difficulty of the routine."

The Cheerleading team was invited to return to competition tonight at County Center to compete for title of "Grand Champion" at 7:00 p.m.

Byram Hills Co-Captain Hailey Seiferheld was the recipient of a Westchester County Cheerleading Scholarship, honoring "outstanding athletes who are in good academic standing and who exhibit a passion for the sport, integrity, enthusiasm, strength of character and a desire to succeed in life."

BHHS Girls Soccer Makes History Twice

November 9, 2013
2013 Byram Hills Girls will long be remembered as history-setting, not once but twice in a wondrous season for the players, coaches, parents and Bobcat fans. The BHHS Girls Soccer team was the first to win their Sectionals Class A Finals, and then reach the NYS Regional Final. Additionally, the very talented, hard-working team won 20 games, which had not been done before by a BHHS Girls Soccer team, and rarely achieved by the highly successful Byram Hills Boys Soccer team [which in 2007 won the States]. Thus, the BHHS Girls Soccer team is well situated for next season which cannot come quick enough for them to try to go deeper in post-season, perhaps surpassing their current unprecedented achievement -- which they should truly savor their unique accomplishment despite the many excellent girls soccer teams in the past decade.

The Regional Finals was against undefeated Goshen (18-0-1) from Section 9, a school that has produced very good boys and girls teams in the past. The game at Middletown High School field was barely underway when Goshen got two lucky breaks. The first occurred when a Goshen forward knocked down a BHHS defender in the Bobcats defensive penalty area, and the referee declined, oddly, not to whistle Goshen for the foul. That left BHHS shorthanded as play continued in a dangerous location. Subsequently, although a BHHS defender stopped an attempted Goshen shot it ricocheted out towards an unmarked Goshen forward who then buried a shot in the goal. 1-0 in the first four minutes of what promised to be a well-fought game between BHHS (20-2) which had scored 79 goals so far this season versus Goshen's 74 goals. However, each squad possessed a stout defense as BHHS had allowed a mere 13 goals and Goshen was even stingier at 4 goals allowed, albeit in a less tough league and not as challenging Section.

For the remainder of the half both sides had their chances, more so for Goshen even as BHHS outshot them, with possession fairly equal. What changed the game was another non-call by the referee. A Bobcat forward had sprinted down the left flank and was starting her slashing cut in towards the center of the Goshen penalty area, when she was taken down from behind.  The Byram Hills fans shot up out of their seats cheering a likely penalty kick call. The ref's whistle shrilly stopped play. But to the utter dismay of the Bobcat fans, the ref walked to a spot just outside of the penalty area for a less dangerous direct kick versus the high probability penalty kick. Various spectators discerned the actual knockdown foul happened safely inside the area. Indeed, refs are known for sometimes being reluctant to award a PK in close post-season match. It is bending, if not breaking, the rulebook. In this case the direct kick did not result in a score, so BHHS eventually went into the half down one-nil.

There was another curious ref action when the Byram Hills goalie was hit by an onrushing Goshen forward and was not injured but took a couple of minutes to shake it off. Most referees will "card" a forward that hits a goalie against the rules, or at least talk sternly to the offender. The ref did not even warn the Goshen forward verbally. At the start of the second half the BHHS players came out hustling and pressuring Goshen's passes and pushing the ball into the Goshen defense repeatedly.

Unfortunately, one of the star BHHS forwards, Nicole Hoffman, came into the game with a nagging hamstring. Since speed is a goodly part of her attacking offense, this was a significant shortfall in the normally potent Byram Hills offensive pressure that often results in breakaway goals.  Second half possession leaned towards BHHS. The Bobcats had more serious chances, but most were still long distance shots and occasional medium shot, including an open shot in the penalty that went slightly high.  Goshen is a physical team, which is a diplomatic phrase. There was tough, physical play on both sides, but there was more chippy fouling by the Gladiators, often uncalled by the ref.

The clock ran down under 2:00. The Bobcats had several deep throw-ins and a few corner kicks leading to this moment, but could not equalize. There was a final push forward and a long pass up the center seam that Nicole Hoffman lunged for at the last second as the Goshen goalie came off her line to snatch it away from her. Hoffman walked away from that close call noticeably limping and perhaps dismayed that the entire game she never really had her full burst of speed. Shortly thereafter the ref whistled the final time. That single goal at the beginning of the game would, disappointingly, be the deciding goal even though another 76 minutes of pitched play had transpired.

Goshen's Gladiators head to Cortland next weekend for the States with three other teams.

Byram Hills Girls Soccer team had already made history twice in a superb, record-setting season. Their tremendous season ends at 20 wins and two defeats, but they are unbowed. Next year, another wonderful season prospectively awaits them. Another chance to achieve even more history, something rare for all of us, but these young ladies did so twice and look forward to more history-setting games. Congratulations, BHHS Girls Varsity Soccer team!

BHHS Soccer Duo Capture League Title and Ascend State Rankings
October 21, 2103 
The Byram Hills High School soccer teams are having a superb season as both teams the boys and the girls soccer teams have captured league titles. The boys are 14-1-1 and are ranked #3 in Class A in New York State last week and the girls are 15-1-0 and are ranked #6.

Class A seedings are to be released this Wednesday for the Boys and announced Thursday for Girls. It is anticipated that at least one or both Byram Hills teams could be the #1 or at least #2 seeds. The out-bracket sectional games for very low-seeded teams begin Thursday for the Boys and Friday for the Girls. The regular bracket games kick off Friday for the boys soccer and Saturday for the girls soccer sectionals. Both Bobcat Soccer teams have lofty expectations.  
The Bobcat girls soccer team has one last tough test with an away game against Bronxville on Tuesday October 22, at 4:30 p.m. Presently, the 12-2-1 Lady Broncos are ranked #5 in Class B and back in 2010 they were Class B State Champions.

The Bobcat boys soccer squad has finished their regular season. Last week, Byram Hills High School's goalie and co-captain, Jack Weitzman, was given the prestigious Con Ed Athlete of the Week award for Westchester & Putnam Counties in recognition of his 12 shutouts and a remarkable mere 4 goals allowed to date by himself and his stingy co-defenders. This defense record leads all tri-county high school soccer teams.

BHHS Soccer Teams Soar

Updated September 28, 2013
Both Byram Hills High School boys' and girls' varsity soccer teams have started the season with dominance. The boys' soccer team won again Monday against Keio -- a tough squad-- to continue their impressive 6-0-0 record, with a streak of no goals scored by the opposing teams. They are ranked #2 in New York State. 

The girls' soccer team won again Monday as well by a wide margin of over five goals. The girls have played several games with very large spreads. They were handed their first lost, 2-0, against Greeley on Friday. Their record is 7-1-0. It looks like the girls' team might also be on a record-setting trend, especially if they continue their early season dominance.

Fans of both teams are getting a real treat, on top of some of the teams' illustrious predecessors' successes, which included early-season, lofty achievements. Be a part of the Bobcat history, get to some games and watch the Bobcats play. The game schedules and results are listed below.

BYRAM HILLS Autumn Varsity Schedules & RESULTS:

FOOTBALL: Record 5-4
09/07; Sat. BHHS @ Port Chester, 30-6 WIN
09/15; Sun. BHHS vs. Nyack, 13-0 Loss
09/21; Sat. BHHS @ Sleepy Hollow, 26-7 loss
09/28; Sat. BHHS vs. Poughkeepsie, 13-0 WIN
10/05; Sat. BHHS @ Pelham, 20-0 WIN
10/12; Sat. BHHS vs. Hen. Hud., 37-14 WIN
10/19; Sat. BHHS @ Westlake, 42-7 WIN
10/26; Sat BHHS @ Harrison, 32-0 loss
11/02; Sat. Brewster @ BHHS, 28-7 loss

SOCCER, BOYS: Record 16-2-1
09/10; Tue. BHHS vs. Briarcliff, 3-0 WIN
09/12; Thu. BHHS vs. Pelham, 1-0 WIN
09/16; Mon. BHHS vs. Greeley, 3-0 WIN
09/18; Wed. BHHS @ Port Chester, 3-0 WIN
09/20; Fri. BHHS vs. Fox Lane, 4-0 WIN
09/26; Thu. BHHS vs. Keio, 1-0 WIN
09/28; Sat. BHHS vs. Ossining, 3-1 WIN
10/02; Wed. BHHS @ Greeley, 1-1 Tie
10/04; Fri. BHHS vs. Rye, 3-0 WIN
10/08; Tue. BHHS vs. Goshen, 2-1 WIN
10/10; Thu. BHHS vs. Port Chester, 1-0 WIN
10/12; Sat. BHHS @ Keio, 3-2 WIN
10/14; Mon. BHHS-Suffern, 3-0 WIN
10/16; Wed. BHHS vs. Ossining, WIN
10/19; Sat. BHHS @ Blind Brook, loss
10/25: Sectionals: BHHS vs. Somers, 3-0 WIN
10/28; Sectionals: BHHS vs. E'chester, 4-0 WIN
10/30; Sectionals: BHHS vs. Pelham, 1-0 loss

SOCCER, GIRLS: Record 20-1-0
09/03: Tue. BHHS vs. Ardsley, 7-0 WIN
09/10; Tue. BHHS @ Eastchester, 4-0 WIN
09/12; Thu. BHHS vs. Ursuline, 9-0 WIN
09/16; Mon. BHHS @ Mahopac, 4-1 WIN
09/18; Wed. BHHS @ Pearl River, 4-0 WIN
09/19; Thu. BHHS vs. Harrison, 4-1 WIN
09/23; Mon. BHHS vs. Pelham, 7-1 WIN
09/27; Fri. BHHS vs. Greeley, 2-0 loss
10/01; Tue. BHHS @ Blind Brook, 5-1 WIN
10/04; Fri. BHHS @ Cornwall, 5-1 WIN
10/05; Sat. BHHS @ Rye, 2-1 WIN
10/09; Wed. BHHS @ Harrison, 1-0 WIN
10/11; Fri. BHHS vs. Rye, 4-0 WIN
10/15; Tue. BHHS @ Greeley, 3-2 WIN
10/17; Thu. BHHS vs. Blind Brook, 4-0 WIN
10/22; Tue. BHHS @ Bronxville, 4-0 WIN
10/26; Sectionals; BHHS vs. John Jay CR, 3-1 WIN
10/29; Sectionals: BHHS vs. Pelham, 2-1 WIN
10/31; Sectionals: Tappan Zee @ BHHS, 3-1 WIN
11/02; Sectionals: BHHS vs. Eastchester, 2-0 WIN
11/05; Regionals: BHHS vs. Vestal, 2-1 WIN
11/09; Sat. Regl.: BHHS vs. Goshen @ Middletown 

VOLLEYBALL: Record 13-5
09/03; Tue. BHHS vs. Fox Lane, 3-0 loss
09/10; Tue. BHHS @ Croton
09/12; Thu. BHHS vs. Ossining, 3-2 WIN
09/16; Mon. Fox Lane @ Harrison, 1-3 Loss
09/17; Tue. BHHS vs. Ardsley, 1-3 Loss
09/18; Wed. BHHS @ A. Hamilton, 3-0 WIN
09/24; Tue. BHHS @ Valhalla, 3-0 WIN
09/26; Thu. BHHS vs. Westlake, 3-1 WIN
09/27; Fri. BHHS vs. Nanuet, 3-1 WIN
10/02; Wed. BHHS vs. P'ville, 3-0 WIN
10/04; Fri. BHHS vs. A. Hamilton, 3-0 WIN
10/07; Mon. BHHS @ Westlake, 3-0 WIN
10/10; Thu. BHHS vs. Valhalla, 3-0 WIN
10/15; Tue. BHHS @ John Jay Cr, 1-3 loss
10/18; Fri. BHHS vs. Eastchester, 3-1 WIN
10/21; Mon. BHHS @ Pearl River, 3-1 WIN
10/22; Tue. BHHS @ P'ville, 3-0 WIN
10/29; Sectional: P. River @ BHHS, 3-0 WIN
10/31; Sectionals: Hen Hud @ BHHS, 0-3 loss

09/12; Thu. BHHS vs. Hastings
09/16 Tue. BHHS vs, Rye Ctry. Day, 4-3 WIN
09/18; Wed. BHHS vs. Rye
09/19; Thu. BHHS @ New Rochelle
09/20; Fri. BHHS @ Harrison, 7-0 WIN
09/24; Tue. BHHS @ Greeley
09/26; Thu. BHHS @ Rye
09/27; Fri. BHHS vs. Blind Brook
10/01; Tue. BHHS @ Mahopac
10/02; Wed. BHHS vs. Harrison, 6-1 WIN
10/04; Fri. BHHS vs. Greeley
10/10; Thu. BHHS vs. Rye 2-5 loss

09/09; Mon. BHHS vs. Alex. Hamilton
09/16; Mon. BHHS vs. Blind Brook
09/23; Mon. BHHS @ Harrison
10/10; Thu. BHHS vs. Rye
10/15; Tue. BHHS vs. Fox Lane

FIELD HOCKEY: Record 12-2-2
09/09;  Mon. BHHS @ Greeley, 1-1 Tie
09/11; Wed. BHHS vs. Harrison, 3-0 WIN
09/16; Mon. BHHS @ Pearl River, 0-1 loss
09/18; Tue. BHHS @ Brewster, 4-1 WIN
09/23; Thu. BHHS @ Valhalla, 2-0 WIN
09/25; Wed. BHHS vs. P'ville, 2-2 Tie
09/28; Sat. BHHS vs. Nanuet, 3-0 WIN
10/01; Tue. BHHS vs. Rye Neck, 3-2 WIN
10/03; Thu. BHHS vs. Croton, 5-0 WIN
10/04; Fri. BHHS @ Briarcliff, 2-1 WIN
10/07; Mon. BHHS vs. Clarkstown N.
10/09; Wed. BHHS vs. Valhalla, 1-0 WIN
10/11; Fri. BHHS @ P'ville, 8-0 WIN
10/15; Tue. BHHS vs. Briarcliff, 4-0 WIN
10/17; Thu. BHHS @ Rye Neck, 1-0 WIN
10/19; Sat. BHHS @ Croton, WIN
10/29; Sectional: Nyack @ BHHS, 3-0 loss

09/17; Tue. BHHS vs. Fox Lane
09/20; Fri. BHHS vs. Keio
09/24; Tue. BHHS vs. Rye , 65-97 Loss
09/26; Thu. BHHS @ Westlake
09/27; Fri. BHHS @ Ossining
10/01; Tue. BHHS @ Harrison, 42-50 Loss
10/04; Fri. BHHS vs. Croton, 81-97 Loss
10/11; Fri. BHHS vs. Westlake
10/18; Fri. BHHS @ Greeley
Hickory and Tweed
Byram Hills Cross Country
Byram Hills Cross Country
Byram Hills Cross X

Additions to the ALL TIME lists:
Rebecca Cawkwell
# 3 All Time for Byram Hills CC members for our course
# 21 All Time for the Bobcat Run varsity girls race
Nick Giordano
# 3 All Time for Byram Hills CC members for our course
# 17 All Time for the Bobcat Run varsity boys race
# 23 All Time for the Byram Hills CC course (all competitors)

The Bobcats season has begun. Encouragement from parents, friends, teachers and other team members push our athletes to a higher level of play. Use the athletic schedules and results below to keep track of the game schedules .

All the scheduled game information is from the official BOCES site for Section 1 athletics:

Go Bobcats, go Byram Hills!

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